Kareri Lake Trek is the best trekking in India


Kareri Lake is located in the Dhauladhar Range, nine kilometres away from Dharamshala. It is also known as Kumarwah Lake. This small, freshwater glacial lake is situated at 2,934 metres high.

Jhalana Safari (Jhalana Leopard Safari ) , where you can view wildlife in its natural habitat.

Because the water is so clear, it is easy to see the lake bed. This is a beautiful experience. The lake’s reflection in the sky is another wonderful gift. Kareri Lake is an idyllic outdoor activity, as it is surrounded with stunning mountain ranges.

The same trek also offers contrasting meadows, as well as many waterfalls and bubbling stream. The charm of the shepherd villages adds to the experience and provides additional visual delight. As if this weren’t enough, the birds will make beautiful melodies as you walk along the trail.

Kareri Lake is an undiscovered trail that can be used for a weekend adventure.

Concerning Kareri Lake Trek

As you tour through the verdant mountains, you’ll be surrounded with amazing bird species. You can also fully appreciate subtropical pine forest.

Kareri Lake is supplied with water from the Minkiani Peak of the Dhauladhar Range and glacial melting. The stream, also known by the Nyund river, will be your hiking companion on the trail.

This lake is not a popular tourist destination, but I believe that it makes it even more beautiful. Because of the many and vast pastures near the lake, Gujjars from nearby villages and Gaddis frequent this area. While hiking, you can enjoy the stunningly dense conifers as well as some rare perennial flowers.

Kareri is open during the best season

Despite the fact that the lake is mostly frozen all year, it’s still worth visiting in winter to enjoy its beauty and serenity. Kareri is a great place to find peace and quiet during winter. You can enjoy a weekend hike from March to July and September to December before the monsoon season starts.

Avoid the monsoon season, as it can make it difficult to navigate mountains during this time.

Daily Plan for a Common Itinerary

This two-day trek will take you through beautiful, green mountains to reach a remote lake with stunning views. The hike is easy to manage, with the exception of the last section, which is not well marked.

Day 0: Arriving at Kareri Village.

You can travel to Dharamshala by overnight flight from Delhi. If you do it this way, you’ll have ample time to explore the area as well as prepare for the trek.

Rioti Village to Kareri Village: First Day

To reach your overnight camp, you will need to hike for five hours today. Local villagers have marked the path with stones and steps, making it easy to follow. The trail can occasionally be fairly steep.

You are ready to travel? There’ll be a lovely body of water there. The trail winds through pine and broadleaf forest. This area is well-known for its abundance in birds and provides companionship.

You will also cross the Nolli bridge which is a highlight of this hike. You can stop at a small shack just near the bridge for chai or Maggi. After crossing the bridge, the trail will return to the forest.

After crossing the Nyund river/nallah bridge, you will arrive at your camp for that night. This happens around half way through the trek. There is also a shack, which provides food and comfort. These shacks rent tents and other camping supplies.

You can help keep the environment clean by using your own water bottles.

Rioti to Kareri Lake, Second Day

Individuals should get up in the morning. You will need to get up early in the morning as it is a long day. The trail’s second part will be rocky grasslands that run along the Nyund river (nallah). This will be your guide for the remainder of the journey.

Because the lake is so close the snow line, you’ll have some challenges during your last push period. You’ll cover 4.5 km, which depending on your fitness level, could take you between 5 and 6 hours. To reach the lake, you will need to hike 1.5 hours. You’ll pass the lake on the way.

The end result

The Kareri lake trek is an excellent weekend adventure for those looking to do something new and not take on the well-known treks like Triund or Kheerganga. This journey is not for the faint-hearted and requires some effort.

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