Kudremukh Trek : Best Time To Visit And Full Itinerary


Kudremukh from a genuine perspective suggests a horse’s face in Kannada. This name is a consequence of the obvious condition of the zenith. This is furthermore called as Samseparvath for the most part as it used to be accessed from the Same town.

Kudremukh is the center of the western ghats in Chikkamagaluru district. It goes under Kudremukh National Park which is the second-greatest regular life shielded area in the western ghats.

It is organized at a level of 6,207 ft and is the third most raised zenith of Karnataka after Mullayyangiri and Baba Budangiri.

Kudremukh is a long-lasting spot for some generally fluctuating vegetation. You could perceive deer and peacocks on the way among other regular life while venturing!

It is a beautiful excursion through the moving green inclines and dim valleys. You get through grasslands, forest and many little streams.

Spots To Visit In Kudremukh Trek :

Visit The Structure of Horse’s Face of The Peak

The Kudremukh top has a noteworthy development that is by all accounts a horse’s face from the side. This plan is perceptible following an hour of going from the woodlands office. This looks closer, anyway there are 3 extra long periods of venturing out to show up by then.

Traveling In Shola Forest

Shola is a local name for fields and shrublands that are recognizable in the western ghats. You really want to go across the shola forest area to show up at the Kudremukh top. This woodland is home to various untamed life like deer, lion-followed macaque, Malabar beast squirrel, jaguar, ordinary langur and some more. Accepting you are lucky enough, you spot them while traveling. During the rainstorm season, you can find leeches for every movement in this section. One of the enrapturing bits of this part is the fountains and little streams. You really want to cross many streams in transit to the apex. To a great extent you could have to wet your shoes while crossing.

Stunning View of the Rolling Hills

At the moment that you rise out of the shola forest area, you see a terrific point of view on the moving slants around you. Green inclines and hazy valleys are the honors to the eyes. During a tempest, this district might be totally covered with haze. Regardless, finding the stowaway in the center between those fogs and mist is something you shouldn’t miss.

Trail Information on the Kudremukh Trek

Kudremukh Trek can be divided into 3 sections. They are:

  1. The way from the Forest office to Ontimara 2(lone tree) is a consistent ascent in the boondocks and in the field.
  1. Venture from Ontimara 2 to the Final stretch which has a more outrageous trip.
  1. The Ridge walks around the last section to the zenith.

Best Time to do Kudremukh Trek :

The best season to do Kudremukh is from June to February. Regardless, the Kalasa locale is a brilliant environment.

During tempests and winter, you can see many little streams, faint shola forest, bamboo shrubberies adequately tall to contact the sky and moving green inclines.

Some of the sections of the excursion incorporate venturing under the open sky. Hence, going in the mid-year isn’t recommended.

Inconvenient Sections on the Kudremukh Trek :

  1. The Kudremukh venture is of moderate difficulty. You need to cover 9 km one way.
  1. There are no irksome sections in this manner with the significant exception of several memorable things while traveling.
  1. Going in the forest region can be slippery. Guarantee you wear real voyaging shoes and a venturing post.
  1. Crossing the little streams in the forest is a dubious part. The congested rocks in the water can be tricky.
  1. The way from the second Ontimara to the last stretch has an unsafe move of 3 km. You should be sufficiently fit to make a trip in those sections to participate in the view.

Bit by bit directions to show up at Kudremukh Trek :

  1. The Kudremukh venture starts from Mullodi town which is around 15 km from Kalasa. Showing up at Mullodi clearly is troublesome.
  1. You want to first show up at Kudremukh Entrance which is around 10 km from Kalasa. From the Entrance point, enroll in a jeep to Mullodi town where you get the forest office. This is where you want to go on approval and begin your outing.
  1. One can show up at Kalasa by own vehicle or using public transportation and starting there to Kudremukh Entrance point. Find the bare essential information below.

Who can do the Kudremukh Trek?

The full-scale distance of the Kudremukh venture is 18 km. It requires consistency and a smidgen of experience to complete the excursion in a day.

There are no particular portions on the excursion. Consequently, a fit fledgling in like manner can try this.

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