Loba R34 – A Loot Scout With Situational Awareness

In Apex Legends, the loot scout named Loba can provide situational awareness to any team. Thanks to her Jump Drive bracelet, she can teleport to a safe place and buy weapons and ammo. With this loot-hungry trait, she can be an invaluable member of any team. Her ultimate ability enables her to open a shop for nearby items. This makes Loba a valuable asset to any team.

loba r34 is a loot scout

If you’re looking for a new character to steal loot from, you might want to give Loba a try in Apex Legends. This character is known for its fanservice, and the majority of its fanart focuses on looks rather than the backstory and gameplay. The only other truly evil character is Revenant, but he is far from the only one. Here are some ways to distinguish the two.

Loba has some pretty neat abilities. Her main ability, Burglar’s Best Friend, teleports her to hard-to-reach places. The ability Eye for Quality lets her see nearby epic and legendary loot, and she can also take up to two items per Legend. Her other abilities are more targeted towards stealth, but she can also use the Black Market Boutique to teleport items from nearby locations into her inventory.

She uses her Jump Drive bracelet to teleport out of dangerous situations

Loba, the High Society Thief, has several new abilities in Apex Legends. She can teleport to dangerous locations and pull legendary loot with her Jump Drive bracelet. Her back story is traumatic, as she saw her parents murdered by the Revenant when she was young. Despite being spared, Loba grew up driven by revenge. Her Jump Drive bracelet lets her teleport out of dangerous situations and pull loot from enemies to her Black Market Boutique.

She is calm and collected

If you’re looking for a tank with situational awareness, you’ll find it in Loba. With her ultimate ability, she can open up a shop nearby. In addition to boosting situational awareness, Loba can help you loot quickly and efficiently. This makes her an invaluable asset to any team. If you’re looking for a tank with good positioning, look no further than Loba R34.

She is a lesbian fanfic character

The fanfic Loba R34 was inspired by a bisexual character in the popular video game Apex Legends. The bisexual character lost her parents to the robot killer Revenant. She was left orphaned but survived by throwing a stone at Revenant’s head. Her dad was trapped in a building and was killed. The writer envisioned her as a lesbian with an intense sense of justice.

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