Medical SEO services for clinics

Medical SEO is becoming an indispensable tool to get patients. More and more people turn to Google to find a dentist, physical therapist, surgeon, etc., and the volume of local searches grows every month.

Increase in searches for dental veneers on Google in recent years.

Medical SEO is one of the most difficult web positioning techniques to carry out, given the sensitivity of the subject and Google’s demand for websites in this niche. However, even considering its difficulty, it is one of the most profitable online strategies since once a good position is achieved and secured in the search engine’s first results, it will continue to attract new patients at no direct cost for a long time.

Today we want to explain how to do medical SEO for your clinic, the first step in your career to position yourself in Google.

Medical SEO for health marketing

Most clinics and medical centers base their positioning strategy on medical SEO since being well positioned in the search results of the neighborhood where their clinic is located them a greater number of potential patients. But beware, it is essential not to neglect traditional medical SEO (the most strategic of all), considering that Google’s algorithms constantly evolve and include many local companies in the main search results.

Medical SEO for clinics

Let’s see how to position a clinic in local Google search results:

First, create your Google My Business profile for your clinic. Next, you must verify your business and optimize your profile with a good description.

GMB is a good tool for clinics that are new to SEO.

How to optimize Google My Business for clinics?

Here’s how to optimize your Google My Business profile:

First, make sure your contact information is correct, complete, and consistent with all other information you have online (social networks, directory profiles, etc.) and with the contact information on your website.

Include your business hours, the date your clinic opened, a detailed description of your clinic, and any information that adds value to the user.

Includes photographs. New patients engage more with profiles that show your clinic or team images. To do this, choose a good cover photo. This will be the image that users will see first.

Add a short video of your clinic, if possible.

Have a presence in other free and reputable online listings and directories.

The more exact contact locations there are on the internet, the stronger the location signals for Google dental. These location signals help local SEO and traditional Medical SEO Services. These directories may never attract your patients but contribute to your SEO ranking.

Encourage your patients to review your clinic:

Google loves quantifiable, algorithm-friendly data like star reviews. Therefore, encouraging positive patient reviews on third-party websites is one of the most impactful practices for effective Medical SEO.

How do I get opinions for clinics?

Here are some tips for encouraging patient reviews:

1.- You can ask current patients who undergo long-term treatments to leave an opinion, for example:

  • Sending them an email.
  • Asking him at reception with a tablet.

Many clinics offer the patient a discount, or another incentive, in exchange for an opinion.

2.- Respond to positive reviews.

3.- It is advisable to create a page on your website that explains how to leave an opinion on Facebook or Google My Business.

Website for clinics: designed for patients and Google

Creating a medical website design to attract patients and position on google: It is the basis of the success of health marketing.

We say it loud and clear because in our years of experience, we have seen the results achieved in clients who had exaggeratedly cheap websites not designed to attract patients and who have not attained anything: neither position in Google nor appointment requests. A failure.

Both patients and searchers appreciate websites that are well structured, offer relevant and comprehensive information, have a clean design, and make appointments easy and hassle-free. Oh! And that they are designed for mobile and load fast.

The importance of SEO for your clinic

You can carry out many actions for your clinic and your health or dental marketing, but SEO positioning is undoubtedly the most recommended in terms of attracting patients.

This statement has no mystery. When someone wants something, they search for it on Google, and those websites that occupy the first results are the ones that receive traffic from potential patients. Keep in mind that search volumes in cities like Barcelona, ​​for example, are very high for many treatments and clinics.

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