Moonstone Gemstone Jewelry – The Sheen Light of the Moon

Moonstone crystal has a sheen shine that resembles to the bright beauty of the moon. This is the reason why its name has been set to the Moonstone, which literally means the stone of the mean. In ancient times, people believed that the crystal was actually formed from the powerful beams of the moon’s rays and held strong power inside. Various folklores gradually put forward different beliefs persisting with the existence of our very own beautiful Moonstone Gemstone. Even today, it has maintained its unique characteristics and holds a special place in the hearts of jewelry lovers. People who are intimidated by the beauty of various gemstones agree and cherish the true beauty of this unique gem. There is no other gem with such extravagant properties that actually steals your heart with a single gaze.

Moonstone Jewelry – A Natural Protector

People from ancient times wear Moonstone Jewelry in the form of an amulet to protect themselves from evil and unwanted tragedies. It is a natural protector and exudes unique healing benefits to the people born in the month of June. Since it is the official June Birthstone, you can easily gift it or carry one for yourself in the form of Birthstone Jewelry. It protects its wearer during travel and facilitates a strong sense of positivity in their lives. However, suppose you are seeking for the actual moon power for yourself. In that case, you can indulge in the elegant Sterling Silver Jewelry finely curated with Moonstone crystal to protect yourself from any adverse situation.

By helping relieve the stress and negative thoughts from your body, it fills you with a feeling of optimism and confidence. It naturally helps its wearer to rise above the basic mental level and make effective wise decisions in life. From an astrological perspective, wearing this gem in the form of a Moonstone Ring is the best way to cherish the true vibrations of the crystal fully. Get a piece of accessories that stay in contact with your skin throughout to explore its true nature fully.

Styling With Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone is one of the most versatile crystals when it comes to styling. You can confidently flash the blue radiance of this gem with any attire as its natural tones aptly fit with different colors and blend with different styles. Moreover, its color complements well with varying shades of skin and instantly transforms your look from so-so to wow in seconds. Apart from that, you can easily pair it up with other colored Gemstone Jewelry to increase its overall appeal and shine.

Transform your look each time you carry it by appropriately mixing and matching your Moonstone accessories with other beautiful gemstones. You do not need to hesitate while experimenting with different metal colors and can easily choose the metal color of your choice or according to the usage of the accessory. For regular use, we suggest you to pair it up with pure 925 sterling silver as it adds durability to your jewels and doesn’t scratch easily. But if you are looking for some other fashionable appeal, you can also choose from 18kt rose gold vermeil or classic gold vermeil.


Moonstone is one of the most-sought crystals because of the extraordinary property that makes it adorned by so many jewelry lovers. Catch up on some of the most elegant styles of Moonstone Jewelry at Sagacia Jewelry. By offering a plush variety of styles to choose from, you can easily select something that resonates with your personality and taste. It also provides you the mobility to choose from different metal colors so that you are delighted with your jewelry. Get shopping!

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