Must have boiler parts for the safe working of the boilers

 The main purpose of a boiler is to produce energy for the working of machines. A boiler works as the frontrunner in a machine’s effective and efficient working. There is a higher chance of it getting worn out easily and paralyzing the running of the machine. So to avoid such terrible situations, having some boiler parts is highly recommended.

All the heavy industries, namely breweries & distilleries, food and beverage processing plants, textile manufacturing plants, refineries, and more, use steam boilers for manufacturing.  

Auxiliary and Primary low-water cut-off switches 

The main function of this device is to identify the low water situations in the boiler. If any such situations occur, it commands the master fuel trip to shut the burner off.  An average low water cut-off switch has a lifespan of ten years if cleaned properly. Negligence in maintenance makes the early replacement of the device.

These devices are necessary for the safe running of boilers. In case of any wear and tear and for the safe working of boilers, it is required to have this boiler part as a spare switch.


Gaskets are normally placed in the fireside or waterside of the boiler. Continuous heating, cooling, and refilling is the common reason these gaskets wear out easily. The material used in the manufacturing too affects their lifespan. Most of the gaskets have a lifespan of 12 months. Making it highly replaceable. 

Having one or two sets of manway and handhole gaskets as spares can be used when there is any leakage.

Flame detector

A flame detector bars the steam boiler from being filled with fuel when there is no flame in the boiler. For flame detection, several technologies are used, but in the manufacturing industry, a ‘flame scanner’ is used in particular. 

The vulnerable nature and the essential necessity of these devices demand having a spare flame scanner as a boiler for any emergency situation. You can get it from any nearby boiler supplier.

Safety relief valves

A safety relief valve controls the steam pressure to restrict over-pressurization and prevent any harm to the machine or to humans. An annual inspection and testing of the safety valve are required. To avoid any malfunction during the operation, have spare valves on hand.

Water level device

A boiler water level device is used to regulate the water level device. It has to be operated manually if the device fails. For proper working of the equipment, having a spare valve is a good decision.

Gas regulator

The device which is ignored in almost all the plants is the gas regulator. It is suggested to have a gas regulator kit and its manual in reserve.

Fuel safety shutoff valves

These valves prevent fuel leakage into the steam boiler when it shuts down. It is necessary to have extra parts to avoid full assembly repair. 

Boiler-level sight glass

The water level in the steam boiler is checked by this device. Any leak in the glass resulting in faulty water level measurements creates dangerous situations. Boiler-level sight glass should be clear and clean. If it is dirty or hard to read, a replacement is required.

If we have a spare part, it will become easier to switch in case of a defect. Replacing this boiler part once a year is highly recommended.

Observation port glass and packing

Checking the flames is necessary for every operator. However, the operation port glass and packing are often broken, sooty, hot, or filthy, making it difficult to view clearly. To have a spare of it always comes in handy.

Working on machines always poses a risk, but this risk can be avoided by properly maintaining the machine and replacing the defective parts.

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