New age social media marketing with Discord Platform

It is important to keep up with the trends in marketing. Various social media platforms have opened up new ways of marketing. Marketers can try new and different marketing strategies using these emerging social media platforms. Discord is a platform that is becoming popular among marketers. So, how can Discord be effectively used for marketing? 

What is Discord Platform?

Gamers widely used Discord as a communication platform when it first arrived. Now, it has evolved as a community-based chatting network. Businesses have started to use Discord instead of Slack and Microsoft Teams. People from different lines of work can come together can share information on common interests. Discord is a VoIP system featuring text, voice, and video for communication. An important feature of Discord is that it allows its users to host their servers for free. People can form communities to discuss and share information about a particular niche. Marketers can easily identify their target audience with these communities, which helps them in marketing their brand more effectively.

Why Discord?

Discord has nearly 150 million active users, 19 million active servers per week, and about 4 billion conversation minutes daily.

  • Complete control over the community and members

Moderators and administrators have complete control over their communities; they can ban members who abuse rules. Therefore, there is a low risk of spammers.

  • Discord is algorithm-free.

Discord is algorithm-free. Its feed is not based on any algorithm. Every message is posted chronologically; no one loses any update.

  • Bots

In Discord, you can use bots to communicate with community members. Bots can answer predefined questions like FAQs from the community members.  

Marketing on Discord: 

Marketing with Discord starts with creating a business-specific community server. Then you can invite users to join your community. You can promote your community in other like-minded communities and invite people to participate through other social media platforms. With Discord, you can decide who can be in your community and assign specific roles to your group members. In Discord, you also have the option to create different communities on the same server.

Find new similar communities to promote your brand. There you can find potential collaborators and customers for your brands. Using this method, you can easily identify your target audience.

Know your community; having basic knowledge about your audience and analytics in Discord helps you provide engaging brand-related content for your audience. For example,  casual and funny memes shared with a young audience can give a wider reach and brand visibility.

Share relevant content like articles and blogs in your niche. This will also increase community engagement and increase the strength of your community.

Join Discord partner program :

Discord has an exclusive partner program with selected communities. If the community is part of this partner program, the community can get featured on the discovery page and there are more personalization features available for this community.

Exclusive Offers Through Discord:

Offering your community members exclusive offers and coupons through Discord increases your brand visibility and encourages people to join the community.

How do brands get benefitted from Discord?

Many popular brands have communities on Discord. They effectively use Discord to promote their brands.

  • Spotify: Spotify has a Discord community that features playlists that users currently listen to and voice notes about the music they’re listening to.
  • MKBHD: This is the official Discord community of the famous tech Youtuber Marques Brownlee. This community features the latest posts, videos, podcasts, and interviews from his YouTube channel.

Promoting your brand on Discord

  • LIVE EVENTS: New product launches and game streaming can be done on Discord. The application is ahead in its game compared to other webinar platforms, with features such as pop-out screen share and user audio settings.
  • INTERNAL COMMUNICATION: Internal communication is one of the best features of Discord. It is an ideal platform to engage with customers. 
  • Connecting communities: In Discord, you can join servers and become a part of their communities. It is easy to reach a broader audience through such activity.

NFT marketing on Discord

With the world’s growing interest in NFTs, the number of NFT enthusiasts has also increased significantly. We can see a large number of enthusiasts on Discord. The platform has become a one-stop solution for NFT marketing in recent times. Discord can also be the best place to create brand visibility and promote NFTs with regular engagements and active promotions. Just create a server for your brand, and start marketing. 

With Discord, communities can also create deeper connections with fans and followers. This helps in building a loyal and long-term consumer base.

Through Discord Nitro and Classic, communities get access to features like HD videos, live streaming, and animated emojis.

Besides, Discord has one of the biggest streaming capabilities; voice and video calls with up to 25 people can be done at a time.

To Conclude,

even though gamers widely used Discord in its inception, people from various fields have started using Discord. The application’s easy-to-use interface and user-friendly features have made it an ideal platform for marketing, especially for niches like cryptos and NFTs. With many NFT and crypto communities, it becomes easy to connect and promote NFTs. If you are persistent in creating a Discord community and keeping your members engaged with regular content, it can be a great tool to make your brand reach new places.

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