Untitled Kingdom Becomes the Number One EBookshop in Poland

Untitled Kingdom was founded 11 years ago with the idea of creating an eBookshop, similar to Apple’s iBooks. As more people joined, new specialists were added. The company’s vision of becoming the number one eBookshop in Poland has changed. As a result, it now offers more diverse books than its competitors, and its revenue run rate is projected to hit $3.2 million by 2022. The company now employs more than 70 people and has an annual revenue run rate of $3.2 million.

Untitled Kingdom revenue run rate hit $3.2M in 2022

In a first for a Star Wars sequel, the Untitled Kingdom surpassed the original’s $18M opening weekend in 2022. The sequel performed well in the Rockies, South Central, southeastern, and western US markets. Canada accounted for 7% of the weekend’s box office. Markets that performed well for the movie included Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Portland OR, Nashville, Oklahoma City, and Seattle. Other cities that outperformed the movie were Phoenix, Portland OR, Seattle, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, and Orlando.

Untitled Kingdom principles guide us on the journey to turn business ideas into phenomenal web and mobile apps

Entrepreneurs act on creative solutions to problems to create new products and ventures. Steve Jobs and his cohorts did not wage a campaign against mainframes and IT departments to invent the personal computer and the iPhone. They innovated the Snugli, a frameless front-backpack that enables parents to carry their babies. Their innovative thinking led to a series of breakthroughs that are still being replicated today.

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