Online Tutoring can be very effective if thoughtfully organized.

To help educators trying to teach remotely for the first time, we have collected tips from experienced Online Tutoring and compiled a list of resources and tools. Usually, this format is associated with Skype and adult-only teaching because the attention of younger students cannot be controlled through the camera. For a school teacher, distance learning is generally perceived as a challenge.

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Those who have been practising Online Tutoring Lahore for a long time usually have clear work patterns, ready-made materials and assignments, or even recorded lectures by the author.
If this is your first time addressing this format of work, then here are some tips for organizing your work.

Set up your workplace.

It would help if you had a stable Internet connection, a comfortable workplace, a good headset for clear sound, and a video camera. A long sound setup during a lesson or an unstable connection interferes with the student’s concentration.
Choose platforms to organize and work in advance. Register on the right sites, create a work e-mail, download applications and see if you can quickly use the right resources.
A list of platforms and resources useful for online classes can be found below.
Don’t try dozens of interactive platforms if you’re starting to teach online. Combining one or two resources is better, but doing it confidently and efficiently.

Theoretical base – methods are also needed for online lessons

Online classes also need preparation and methodology. Write down a lesson plan for yourself with an indication of the topic, activities and online tools you use during the lesson.
Read about blended learning and flipped learning. The features of such approaches can give you ideas about teaching online. For example, you can send ready-made theoretical materials to students. During the lesson, start practical tasks in an interactive form and dwell only on those theoretical points where the student has questions.
In any case, it is necessary to focus on students’ learning goals, their level, interests and age. It is better to make the first lesson organizational: agree on the format, analyze knowledge, and get to know the student. Often this activity is free.

Services for organizing online training

First, choose a convenient platform for direct lessons in a call or video conference format. Additionally, you will need an email, a messenger for quick communication, and a resource for exchanging files.
The easiest way is to use Google services. Creating a Gmail mail immediately provides access to Google Drive – online storage where you can store files and provide access to them via a link. In addition, a significant number of online resources allow quick registration through a Google account.
For quick communication, you can choose skype or WhatsApp. For example, if you are working with a class or a large group, you can create a Telegram channel for notifications.


To organize online classes on Tutor Search, you need a resource to work in a lesson format. Many tutors use Skype, but this service is inconvenient for group lessons and does not always work.
Among the convenient and free analogues, the best options are:
• ZOOM is a service that allows you to connect no more than 40 people to a call for free. Such a call can last up to 40 minutes. There is no time limit for one-on-one calls. You can use internal chat, screen sharing, and whiteboard simulation during a call.
• Google Hangouts – also allows bulk connection and has an internal chat and a screen-sharing tool.
• FreeConferenceCall – provides a stable connection. It is possible to connect with a large group of people. There are convenient tools – lecture mode, question and answer mode, and screen sharing.

Tutor Search
Tutor Search

My class

An electronic educational resource that helps speed up work with assignments and their verification. The platform has a database of ready-made tasks in various subjects, so it quickly allows you to generate a lot of exercises and automatically checks them. This allows you to work in the “endless training” mode, and the teacher saves a lot of time for communication with students, explanations and creativity.

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