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Pikashow App – Live Cricket TV Shows and Movies
Live Cricket TV Shows and Movies

Pikashow App – Live Cricket TV Shows and Movies 

You may view a variety of video types for free on the Android app Pikashow, including live streaming, movies, TV series, live sports, and more. You may, for instance, watch live broadcasts of events like the World Cup and the IPL.

What is the Pikashow app?

The Android streaming app Pikashow is out! includes television series, new movies, download videos, live cricket, and many other things.

This app has all your favorite sports channels, including live cricket matches, TV episodes, new releases, and much more if you enjoy sports.

The Pikashow app: is it secure?

Since its debut in 2013, the Pikashow app has been downloaded over 100 million times! With over 10 million daily active users, it has quickly risen to become one of the most well-liked streaming applications accessible today. That’s a lot of people watching your favorite sporting events or TV shows!

Peer-to-peer technology is used by Pikashow to offer high-quality video streaming without lags or buffering problems. We provide you with whatever you want without charging more, so you don’t need any memberships!

Is it safe to watch movies and TV shows on Pikashow?

A software called Pikashow was created to enable free internet video watching. You may stream your preferred movies and television shows with this app. Both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store offer the Pikashow app. Because it enables users to watch their preferred movies and TV series for free, this app is incredibly well-liked by users.

How to get the Android version of the Pikashow app

You need to be aware of this App if you use Android. A number of things are available on this Android streaming platform, including live cricket, TV series, new movies, and many more.

Here is how to get the Android version of the Pikashow app:

1: To begin, open the Google Play Store and look for the Pikashow App. It is one of the most widely used apps on the market, thus you will discover it on the first page.

2: After finding it on the Google Play Store, click “Install” to begin the download.

3: After the program has been downloaded, open it by clicking on its icon on your home screen or app drawer.

The Pikashow app features

  • Watching popular movies and TV series.
  • IPL 2022 free streaming (new update)
  • To watch later, save videos to your computer.
  • Directly look up the movies or TV shows you like.
  • Play a variety of international music.
  • The Play Store warning has been fixed.
  • Favorable user experience
  • Easy to use and convenient
  • Safe for Android users.
  • Without price and advertising.
  • A lot more

Why doesn’t the PikaShow app function?

Pikashow is a free TV show and movie streaming app for Android that offers hundreds of free and paid channels and films from many different genres.

This new app needs upkeep, which is the problem. As a result, the app owner constantly updates the website to solve bugs and issues, making the app more responsive and effective. This is the reason they are updated, and you must always install new updates as soon as they become available in order to continue watching what you want.

Why is Pikashow updated so frequently?

Pikashow receives frequent upgrades since we want our consumers to like it and improve it. We regularly add new features to our apps, such as live cricket, TV episodes, movies, and videos.

An Indian business called Pvt. Ltd. created this app. The most recent version to the app, which was introduced on April 3rd, 2018, was made available on August 5th, 2019.

Features of the Pikashow App

Live Cricket – Listen to audio commentary and follow English-language analysis as you watch all the action from around the globe in high definition!

Watch your favorite TV shows live on your smartphone or tablet!

Download Videos – Save videos to your phone or tablet directly from YouTube and other websites!

Search & Browse – To discover what you’re searching for fast, search for videos by title, genre, or channel name!

Video sharing – Send videos to pals by SMS or upload them with a single press to your Whatsapp account!

How many people have downloaded Pikashow?

More than 5 million people have downloaded it globally.

If you enjoy watching movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet, Pikashow is the app for you.

With the app’s user-friendly layout, you can explore its huge library of video content easily.

You will be able to quickly discover what you need thanks to Pikashow’s simple navigation tools!


An excellent app for watching free live TV networks, movies, sports, and episodes with subtitles is Pikashow. Using this software, you may stream any media for free. Through the Pikashow app, you will have complete freedom to view entertainment while watching live TV. To watch any online videos, go to the website first, then open the app, and stream it there. Additionally, there is a choice to download videos.

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