Planning An Umrah Packages: Everything You Need To Know

A voluntary trip to Makkah, where Prophet Muhammad was born and the Quran’s sacred teachings were originally reveal, is refer to as umrah. Even while the faith does not believe Umrah packages to be required, it is strongly advised and requires much planning. The most important items you’d want for Umrah are list below.

How to plan Umrah trip

Even though Umrah is a religious journey, it nevertheless demands careful planning. Crucial rites like Ihram, Tawaf, and Sai need preparation from pilgrims. The best time of year to travel to Umrah must also be plan. Additionally, pilgrims should search for the most excellent dining establishments and lodging alternatives as the most crucial aspect of their trip.

Umrah preparation for key rituals

Umrah translates from Arabic as “visiting a crowded space.” It gives pilgrims a chance to ask Allah for forgiveness and gives them an opportunity to express their belief in the Almighty. Worshipers engage in four key rites throughout the Umrah journey, which includes:

  • Ihram – Cleansing to attain physical purity before starting the journey
  • Tawaf – Circling the Holy Kaaba seven times to show devotion to the almighty
  • Sai – Walking back and forth between Marwa and Safa
  • Halq – Shaving or clipping the hair

The aforemention rites can all be finished in a short amount of time.

An ideal season to plan an Umrah trip

Although Umrah can be complete at any time of the year, sometimes it takes on a time-bound, mandatory nature. It’s crucial to comprehend the many sorts of umrah in order to learn more about this.

Since these dates are seen as more beneficial, many travellers opt to conduct Umrah during the holy month of Ramadan or in the sacred months that follow Muharram and Safar. Since the weather is pleasant and there are fewer people in the mosque in December, many pilgrims also schedule their Umrah trips at this time.

Reaching the House of Allah in Makkah

 Jeddah to Makkah:  It is crucial to understand that Makkah does not have its own airport if you are travelling for Umrah. There are flights to Jeddah. At King Abdulaziz International Airport (JED/OEJN), 95 kilometres west of Makkah, pilgrims arrive. By cab, one may go from Jeddah to Makkah.

How to book flights: International pilgrims are not permit to arrange their own flights by the Saudi authorities. Instead, they must make arrangements for their Umrah by speaking with the Hajj travel agencies that the Saudi government has approved. Additionally, these operators will meet them at the airport and make hotel reservations for them.

Makkah from Jeddah port: From the coast of East Africa, pilgrims can go by boat to the port city of Jeddah in addition to flying. From there, it takes about 45 to 60 minutes to get to Makkah. Furthermore, Saudi nationals and residents of the GCC do not require specific authorization to do Umrah. Such individuals can make the trip by driving their own automobiles, renting autos, or using taxis.

Local Transport in Makkah city

Makkah is a relatively straightforward and easy city to navigate. The town offers a quick and effective public transit system that takes you where you need to go. Here are several options for pilgrims to use while on their Umrah journey.

Bus – The routes around the mosques are service by an effective network of public buses and privately owned microbuses in Makkah. Both of these modes of transportation have affordable prices.

Taxi – In Makkah, getting a cab is simple. Although they are the most practical and often utilized mode of transportation, taxi rates are highly expensive. 

Cars – Another alternative for getting around the city is by renting a car because Makkah has a well-maintained road system. Additionally, there are signboards in both Arabic and English at every intersection to make it simple for visitors to go where they’re going.

By Foot – You might consider strolling to your destinations if you’re in Makkah for an Umrah pilgrimage as a way to move around the city. By doing this, you’ll be able to avoid clogged streets and roads. 

Where to stay during Umrah?

Finding a good location to stay is the next stage in the Umrah trip planning guide. There are a number of opulent and affordable hotels in Makkah that are close to the Al-haram mosque. The greatest ones include the Swissotel Al Maqam, Hotel Al-Islam, Jabal Omar Hyatt Regency, and Pullman Zamzam. Along with hotels with five stars, there are also inexpensive lodging options. Depending on their budget, pilgrims can select from conventional hotels to serviced apartments.

How to prepare for Umrah?

Making preparations for the spiritual trip is a crucial component of an Umrah strategy. A list of tasks to accomplish before Umrah, necessities packing list, and mental preparation for the journey are all necessary.

The most recent laws pertaining to the continuing COVID-19 outbreak must also be known. During the Umrah journey, pilgrims are require to carry their immunization records with them at all times.

Umrah Trip Cost 

The starting and finishing sites of the journey determine the expense of the umrah trip. The price of lodging and meals in Makkah City might change base on the hotel and eating alternatives that are chosen. High-end accommodations in Makkah’s Haram neighborhood range in price from SAR 350 to SAR 500 per night. Standard hotel rates start at SAR 150, which is much cheaper. Pilgrims may choose affordable lodging close to the Al Nabawi mosque for less than SAR 100. The majority of hotels provide free breakfast as well as on-site cafés and restaurants for lunch and supper. Because of this, the precise cost of an Umrah vacation might vary and be control to fit different budgets.

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