Why is securities lending crucial for Singapore traders?

Securities lending involves loaning out stocks, bonds, and other securities for a fee. The securities are loaned out to short sellers, who hope to profit from a decline in the security’s price. While securities lending may seem like a risky proposition, it can be a very lucrative one—especially for Singapore traders. 

It can generate passive income streams

One of the most appealing things about securities lending in Singapore is that it can generate passive income streams. Once you’ve loaned out your securities, you can sit back and wait for the fees to roll in, which is a great way to earn extra money without putting in any extra work.

It can help you diversify your portfolio

Securities lending can also help you diversify your portfolio. You can earn money from assets that would be sitting idly in your account by loaning out your securities. It can help you hedge against market volatility and potentially earn greater returns in the long run.

It can improve your risk/reward profile

Another reason securities lending is so appealing is that it can improve your risk/reward profile. By loaning out your securities, you’re essentially taking on more risk—but you’re also opening yourself up to the potential for greater rewards. It can help increase your chances of generating superior returns over time.

It’s a regulated activity in Singapore

In addition to all these financial reasons, it’s also important to note that securities lending is regulated in Singapore, meaning traders must follow specific rules and regulations to engage in this activity. As such, it is essential for you to consult with a professional before proceeding with any securities lending transactions.

It’s relatively easy to get started 

It’s relatively easy to get started with securities lending—primarily if you use an online broker that offers this service. Once you’ve decided which securities you’d like to loan out, choose an interest rate and length of time for the loan and complete the transaction through your broker’s platform.

There’s a growing demand for securities lending

There’s also a growing demand for securities lending, which is another reason it’s such an appealing option for Singapore traders. Short selling has become increasingly popular as investors seek ways to profit from market declines. As such, there’s been a corresponding increase in demand for securities lending.

It can help you take advantage of market opportunities

It’s worth noting that securities lending can help you take advantage of market opportunities. If you believe a security is about to decline in value, you can loan it out and potentially profit from the price drop. This flexibility makes securities lending a desirable option for active traders.

It’s a secure transaction

Another critical reason to consider securities lending is its secure transaction. When you loan out your securities, your broker holds them in a segregated account, which protects your assets and ensures that the borrower returns them at the end of the loan period.

Risks of securities lending

The borrower may default on the loan

The most significant risk associated with securities lending is that the borrower may default on the loan. If this happens, you could lose your securities and be left without any way to recoup your losses.

The value of the security may decline

Another risk to consider is that the value of the security may decline while it’s being loaned out, resulting in a loss for you as the lender.

The market may become illiquid

It’s important to note that the securities lending market can sometimes become illiquid, meaning finding borrowers for your securities may be difficult, leading to lost income.

You may have to pay taxes

Another potential downside of securities lending is that you may have to pay taxes on your income, which is something to remember if you consider this strategy.

How to mitigate risks when securities lending

There are several methods to mitigate the risks associated with securities lending:

  • It’s essential to only lend out high-quality securities to minimize the chances of defaulting and to help protect your assets.
  • Diversification is critical. By spreading your risk across multiple borrowers, you can minimise potential losses.
  • Staying up-to-date on market conditions and carefully monitoring your positions is essential as it will help you decide when to lend out your securities and for how long.

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