Terrorism: A Serious Security Issue for Modern-day Companies

After the 9/11 attacks, terrorism and targeted violence are becoming significant issues for modern world countries. Terrorism is a familiar term for many people, while for most people targeted violence is a less familiar term. Targeted violence refers to the act of violence in which the attacker selects a particular target for violence before the attack. Terrorism refers to the act of violence against a wide audience, not just a direct victim, to achieve political or religious aims. 

Terrorism has a significant impact on the lives of people their liberty and integrity. It threatens the security of human beings, takes innocent lives, creates fear among people, endangers fundamental freedom, and points to the destruction of human rights. 

The most measurable impact of terrorism is the physical destruction of plants, machines, workers, and other resources. The businesses that might have generated valuable goods and services are destroyed which affects the economic growth of the country. 

States should try to build resilience to protect humans. As the government strengthens security in public places, businesses have become a more easy target for terrorist attacks. Companies have more valuable inventory, machines, and plants, so they need to ensure the safety of their assets. To prevent these losses and for the security of workers, businesses should get help from security guard services. Security guard agencies and law enforcement are working together to ensure state security.

Trained security guards implement the following government strategies for the safety of companies.

  • Prevent
  • Detect
  • Deny 
  • Response


The purpose of this strategy is to stop individuals from engaging in terrorism. It also helps prevent people from supporting terrorism before they get involved in any criminal activity. Whatever the cause behind the attack is, cannot be justified.

Prevent strategy is implemented to stop people from terrorism, whatever the cause or ideology is. In this strategy, the government, security agencies, and law enforcement create a culture of openness with citizens. This will require the government to share the nature of threats with citizens and law enforcement will analyze the threat which will help the government and security team to create a more effective response. 


This strategy aims to detect the actions of persons and organizations that may represent a terrorist threat. To detect the terrorist threat, understanding the terrorists themselves their capabilities, and the nature of their intentions is necessary. It is also critical to determine who supports them. Strong cooperation between security agencies and territorial, provincial, municipal, and federal law enforcement is required.


Its goal is to deny terrorists from carrying out their actions to safeguard the citizens and their interests. As the threat is dynamic and terrorists seek new ways to destroy the peace, physical security at the gate reduces the capacity to strike these threats.


The response is an appropriate, timely, and planned-way action to limit terrorist activities. Respond activities provide the ability for an immediate and coordinated response that will mitigate the damage resulting from terrorist attacks. Security guards are trained and have the security license Toronto to fight back and save several lives. 


Terrorism will always remain a dominant feature for the security of states. Companies ensure, through strategies and security guards, protection against terrorism within their premises for all workers, visitors, and employees.

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