The destinations to visit near Kedarkantha


There are many famous destinations that you can visit near Kedarkantha. These are in close proximity to Kedarkantha. Let us know about some of the destinations.

Saru Tal trek

It is one of the maximum famous treks in Uttarakhand. Located at an elevation of, 4200meter withinside the Western Garhwal Himalayas withinside the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. You will see a plethora of particular natural worlds on this trek. The Saru Tal is close to the Kedarkantha Trek.

The Saru Tal begin from Sankri. The Sankri village could be very gorgeous, it’s miles going to be a complete out-of-the-container discovery for you. It’s a completely difficult trek with steep climbs and descents. There aren’t any tea homes on this path, so you want to hold your very own meals and water. The Saru Tal Trek in Uttarakhand is one of the hardest treks in India. The first-class time to tour right here is withinside June and October. This time of the year, the climate could be very trek friendly.

Gulabi Kantha Trek

Gulabi Kantha is placed at a top of 12000 toes above sea degree. An inexperienced burial well-known freshwater lake lies on the alternative aspect trek additionally recognized as Dodital. Gulabi Kantha affords lovely perspectives of the Himalayan Mountain variety like Bandar Poonch peak, Kalindi Sirkala, Shivalik mountains, and Chaukhamba peaks.

The area isn’t so famous and untouched and lesser recognized to the hiking groups in India, mendacity en path Dodital trek. A crew of ITBP, the Matli crew, got here on a go to discover the opportunity to broaden it for wintry weather video games consisting of snowboarding and different video games. Its start line is Hanuman Chatti (eight hrs from Dehradun)     


Harsil is one of the first-class Villages that represents truly how lovely Uttarakhand is. The splendor of Uttarakhand traveler wishes to select out up its tempo on this area. Harsil is assessed as a navy location, even though it does now no longer have a full-fledged cantonment. The village has apple orchards so long as 70 km. 

That form of view isn’t uncommon, however close to rare. Surrounded by very well-known hills and towns. Harsil is around seventy-two km after Uttarkashi and is additionally close to the Kedarkantha trek.

Ruinsara Tal

While exploring the Kedar Kantha you’ll pass deep into the valleys of Garhwal you’ll see the airy splendor of Ruinsara Tal at 3500 meters above sea degree. The Ruinsara Tal is taken into consideration to be sacred by the population of Har Ki Dun valley. According to the neighborhood people, that is the path of Pandava’s brother, Yudhishthira. 

Took at the same time as heading to Swargaroohini in the manner to heaven. Ruinsara Tal trek is a herbal remedy for lots of distressed people. The trek is going toward the Supin River Vally, the higher catchment location of lots river.

Har Ki Dun Trek

The Har ki dun is located in Uttarakhand’s charming Garhwal area of the Great Himalayas. This trek has captivating splendor and ideal beneficial inexperienced meadows. It may be higher than spending a few days in serenity.

It is one of the maximum famous Trek withinside the Garhwal Himalayas. The top of this trek is 3600 meters. Har Ki Dun is begin from Sankri village and Taluka is the closing factor of this trek. Trek comes alongside this path, Dhatmir, Panwani, and Osla villages additionally referred to as marginal villages.

Rupin Pass Trek

This trek takes you to the top of 4610. Over sixty-five kilometers between the states of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, it’s miles one of the Grandest Cross-over treks in India. It is a moderate-degree trek, ideal for trekkers who’ve executed a clean trek formerly and trying to step up their hiking game. 

Rupin Pass Trek is like constructing up momentum with surprises in surroundings each hour. Your wonder commenced proper out of your first day of hiking. Around a couple of minutes into the trail, you notice the Rupin river’s appearance. The first-class time to move hiking is May, June, September, and October.

Dayara Bugyal Trek

Dayara Bugyal is one of the brilliant meadows in India. The term ‘Bugyal’ approaches high-altitude pasture land. It is one of the maximum lovely and breathtaking treks in Uttarakhand due to its highland.

Dayara Bugyal Trek is placed in Uttarkashi district of Uttrakhand. It stands at an elevation of above, 10000ft. The hiking begins offevolved from the village of Barsu. 

You can experience lovely perspectives of nature and streams flowing. The first-class time to go to right here is in the summertime season due to the fact the climate stays slight and neither too bloodless nor too hot. And during the summertime season, all peaks remained visible.

Bali Pass Trek

 Within the kernels of  Garhwal, lies the Bali Pass having a remarkable elevation of 5,000 meters. This arresting immoderate altitude by skip offers unobstructed views of the stylish Himalayan peaks which include Kala Nag, Bandarpoonch, and Swargarohini. 

The Bali Pass trek is a whole of adventures and mystical views a good way to make you enjoy the nostalgia. The trek starts evolved from Sankri village and ends at Jankichatti. A little hiking enjoyment is critical for commencing in this trek.

Mori village

Mori is a lovable township placed at the threshold of the Tons river in Uttarakhand. It is on an elevation of about 1150 feet. Cocooned in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand, Mori holds a unique region withinside the hearts of travelers.


The Sankari Village in Uttarakhand is a path to The Paradise of the Himalayas for every trekker. It isn’t the best scenic hamlet placed in Uttarkashi district but moreover a trekker’s delight. The Sankri Village is the very last street heading to the Govind Vallabh Pant Wildlife Sanctuary. The village offers ecstatic views of the Himalayan skyline and a plethora of mountain peaks, staring at you from a distance.

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