The Essential Guide To Choosing The Right Vape Kit

Are you new to vaping? If so, you might have been a smoker once and now looking to transition to vaping, and let this blog guide you to the vaping community. In the last few years, the vaping industry has evolved at a tremendous rate bringing in new technological advancements and many new options that are a must-try.

Now we have all and varying types of vape kits that are sleek, portable, discreet, and super convenient, like the Argus Pro or the Argus XT.

What Is Vaping:

Vapes are electronic devices that are filled or come pre-filled with flavourful e-liquids. These e-juices are heated with vape coils to produce flavourful vapours. The vapours produced by vape devices are different from the smoke that is emitted from traditional cigarettes. When the e-juice gets vapourised, fewer chemicals and other substances are released than cigarette smoke. Vapes also don’t have that pungent and strong smell that irritates the nose and throat as cigarettes do.

While vaping has no smell, it has a tasty flavour due to the e-liquid. Vape devices are also known as box mods and vape pens and come with atomisers attached, which in turn vapourise the e-juices.

Parts Of Vape Kits:

The best way of choosing the right vape kit is to begin understanding the various components of a vape device; let’s look for what new vapers should expect to see when they open a new vape device.


The batteries are called mods or well–batteries, and many more names. Typically, this is the only electronic part of vape kits. These come in varying specifications, sizes, and shapes, but there is always a part that houses a battery. Depending on the device, the batteries can be built-in or removable.

The mods come with on and off buttons, a fire button, and a display screen. Many mods also have options for adjusting the wattage.

Tank Or Vape Pod:

Pods or tanks are where the e-liquid is stored. The vape tanks are attached to the battery and are made from glass or plastic materials. These also house a vape coil that heats up to vapourise the e-liquid and turn it into vapours.

Drip Tip:

The mouthpiece or the drip tip is a part where you can inhale the vapour. This part can either be a fixed component or removable, depending on the style of the device.

Vape Coils:

The starter vape kits come with a wide range of vape coils; these coils are made from metal, ceramic and cotton-wicking materials. The coils’ cotton-wicking material soaks up the e-liquid and heats it to turn it into flavourful vape clouds. For that reason, only these are the essential part of vape kits which dictate the flavours, taste, and style of vaping.

Final Word:

We hope you have learned and understood the essential parts and their workings inside a vape kit. All parts of vape kits are essential in offering you a satisfying experience. Technological advancements have left no stone unturned, and there is no knowing what the future might bring regarding innovative vape kits. One thing is sure, though, that vape kits are an ideal smoking cessation tool, with thousands of ex-smokers in the UK already having benefited from it.


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