The Kashmir Lakes Trek – A full manual


Even though the Kashmir brilliant Lake Trek is likewise referred to as the “Gateway to Eden,” you can still nevertheless describe its breathtaking beauty. Inside the weblog’s later section, you’ll research why.

One of the nice treks in Kashmir is the super Lake Trek. Valuing beauty this is so great and rich that it surpasses all other breathtaking places in the world. 

The splendor of the locations along this hiking path is implausible and leaves one speechless. 

Tour thru four passes in one ride

Even though the Kashmir first rate Lake Trek is called the “Gateway to Eden,” it is easy to nevertheless describe its great beauty. In the weblog’s later segment, you will analyze why.

There are numerous romantic vistas along the trail.

There are fascinating and dazzling vistas along the entire path. It means that there are no obstructions to the perspectives. There are not any populated areas, mountain tiers, or different obstructions that could hinder your view from any such height.

Hike close to the POK Border for a thrilling experience.

Similarly to having breathtaking views, this trek in Kashmir additionally has an thrilling segment. Do not forget going for a hike close to the POK border. The trek consists of a section through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. It sounds both remarkable or terrifying. Your desire.

Plentiful in snow-capped peaks and clean blue lakes

One thing approximately KGL which you have to consider is that it is continually extra approximately the journey than the final destination. Wander through six exclusive flower-decorated grasslands and seven pristine Kashmiri fantastic lakes. Giving every different opposition on the subject of splendor.

View Nanga Parbat, the highest face elevation in the world.

The highest mountain face inside the global is found on Nanga Parbat, also referred to as the “bare mountain.” it is also the arena’s ninth-highest mountain. The climb to Nanga Parbat is fatal due to the mountain’s severe vertical alleviation. Interesting, huh?

KGL is every other usually used abbreviation for the Kashmir incredible Lakes trek. One of the maximum lovely hikes within the complete amazing united states of america. Be part of us as we journey thru expansive meadows, glistening lakes, breathtaking landscapes, and more.

The satisfactory time to go

The months of July and August are the best moments to visit Kashmir’s outstanding Lakes. The sky’s the bluest and temperatures are at their highest during those  months, allowing trekkers to get the most leisure out in their journey. It’s miles nevertheless absolutely included in snow from October through April, making it hard to even tour through it. 

This makes camping in the vicinity impossible. The common temperature in the course of this time levels among 17 and 20 degrees Celsius in the course of the day and 3-five levels Celsius at night. Despite the fact that June and September are potential months for the trek, hikers should be organized for midnight temperatures below zero and the possibility of a time off.


The summit of Gadsar skip, at thirteen,700 toes, is in which the highest elevation is visible. The maximum altitude can be reached with perseverance and sturdy solve, however whether or not it is viable relies upon on the weather. However the captivating view that this altitude offers will usually have a domestic to your reminiscences.

The way to reach Srinagar?

By Air

Sheik ul-Alam Airport in Srinagar is properly linked to nearly all of India’s principal towns. Readily, there are daily back-to-lower back flights from Delhi that closing one hour and half-hour. Air Asia, SpiceJet, IndiGo, Air India, GoAir, and Vistara are the commercial enterprise vendors with the most effortlessly on hand flights. This is the simplest method of getting to Srinagar.

Via teach

Jammu has the nearest teach station to Srinagar, which is also wherein the trek begins. Almost 300 kilometers separate Srinagar from that railway station, a distance that can be traveled by using bus, taxi, or the least costly choice—nation transportation buses—in 7 hours and 15 mins. From the new Delhi railway station, numerous teach routes go away, among them the Jammu Mail and the Delhi-Jammu Rajdhani specific.

By means of street

Srinagar is hooked up to the relaxation of India with the aid of country wide dual carriageway 1A. Jammu is the maximum convenient place to board public transportation for Srinagar because there may be no direct connection between Delhi and Srinagar. But, you could pick to journey privately from New Delhi, in order to take 18 to 20 hours. 

The course that is most regularly taken passes thru Panipat, Karnal, Ambala, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Pathankot, Jammu, Udhampur, Anantnag via the Jawahar Tunnel, after which Srinagar. The commonplace practice is to spend the night in Jammu and continue the force to Srinagar the next morning from Jammu. To get to Srinagar with the aid of avenue, you must travel about 900 km.

Requirements for the trek’s safety

It absolutely relies upon on someone’s bodily condition and staying power. This trek can be finished through a newbie if they’re physically healthy and feature the important stamina and patience. This trek has some usaand downs, making it challenging in a few places, however the skilled publications Trekkers of India offer will give you the right advice to get thru the challenges.

The trek is suggested for kids over 15 due to the fact more youthful trekkers may additionally find it hard to overcome the challenges and contend with the altitude.

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