The Ultimate Guide to Customer Reviews and Testimonials

If you consider purchasing the latest product, which do you think is more trustworthy? A sales pitch or a client review?

I’m going to go with the second option -and I’m not alone. Did you realize that 81% of customers depend on Google reviews to judge local companies?

What is a review from a customer?

A review from a customer is an account of a client’s impression of your offerings or products. Reviews are available on websites like Google Reviews, Amazon, Yelp, Facebook and

Reviews from customers are used during the buying process to determine the function of your product and whether or not it’s worth it.

Most people can write reviews on the internet, and reviews can be filled with positive information, bad experiences, and, sometimes, untrue assertions regarding your company.

Since they’re shared on third-party websites and from real customers of your products, Consumers consider these reviews to be an authoritative source of information. Indeed, consumers are finding online reviews such a valuable source that 49% of them consider them to be as reliable as personal recommendations.

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Customer Review Sites

There are a variety of sites on which users can post reviews. They include general reviews from customers like Google Reviews, Facebook, Yelp and bbb (where any company can be evaluated) and particular industry-specific review sites like TripAdvisor, an online travel reviews site Zomato which is a food and restaurant review site, along with G2 Crowd. This site is dedicated to reviews of software.

Let’s take a look at three of the larger reviews of customers that people are using: Google Reviews (which is part of Google My Business), Yelp and

Google My Business Reviews (a.k.a. Google Reviews)

Google Reviews is currently the most popular platform used for reviews from customers. It is because the answer is the name says it all: Google. Every type of business can be evaluated and rated using a 5-star scale.

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How to Set Up Your Google My Business Profile

With the aid, of the help of a Google, My Business account, Anyone can make an online presence for their company in order to make it visible through Google search.

Step 1: To be eligible for Google Reviews, companies need to set up the Google My Business profile. It’s not only easy to create your company’s profile on Google. However, it’s very easy for your clients to rate your product or service.

Step 2: After you have established your profile, you’ll have to set up reviews so that your customers can share their experiences with you or provide ratings based on an overall five-star rating.

Step 3: Ensure that you’ve got the link to your review that people can discover via a Google search and an online link that is linked to

Place ID Lookup Tool. This tool lets customers leave a review simply by searching for your business or looking up your address in Google Maps.

How to Leave a Review on Google

If you are a reviewer and want to share your experience with Google, All you have to provide is your name and initials. Google will not permit reviewers to remain anonymous. Everyone can view your name, your review, any other reviews you’ve posted, and your photos on Google Maps.

If you already have created a Google account, you’ve got already created an “About Me” page that Google My Business will link to your reviews. Here’s mine:

Google will require you to provide the following information to Google in three ways:

It makes your article more authentic to those who read it. It makes your review more credible to those who read.

It is less likely for people to lie in the event that their data is linked to something.

It provides credibility to your review. It gives credibility to you.

The owner of the business to contact you regarding your feedback.

How to Respond to Google Reviews

You may be thinking, “What if someone still decides to leave a fake review about my company?” Or, “What if I want to respond to a positive or negative review?” Google assists you by answering all of these questions.

Responding to reviews is easy. After you’ve signed in to your account for business, locate the review you’d like to address Click Reply.

While you aren’t able to take down the negative review, Google can remove any reviews that don’t meet the standards in their User Contributed Content Policy. Some of the reasons reviews can be removed are fake or hateful comments and spam, incriminating information and conflicts with a conflict of interests, and others.

If you find something that Google does not, you can mark the review as suspicious, and they’ll review the content and take it down in the event that it is needed.

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