Tips from the best schools to score excellent marks in class 10 exams

After the Covid-19 period, offline exams have started once again. As compared to the online examinations conducted in the last few years due to the lock down situation, offline exams are quite more difficult to crack. When it comes to the board examinations, a lot of preparations need to be taken beforehand. If you are going to sit for the board examination in the next few months, it’s vital to go through this post. 

Parents and students are always worried and stay in a frenzy mode when it comes to board examinations. But the right way of preparation can help you to clear examinations without hassle. In this post, you will get to learn some of the major steps that will help you with the preparation. Let’s start with the class 10 preparation tips that can help you clear it with full confidence:


The unnecessary pressure we take just before the exam can make us feel worse. There is a lot of time that you can otherwise use for concentrating and focusing on the subjects that need your attention. Try to make optimum use of the available time in hand. Avoid panicking unnecessarily because it can just make things worse instead of leading to any plus point.

Prepare a timetable

As a student you need to understand your weaknesses and strengths: and evaluate yourself. Create your own timetable and do not depend on someone else for preparing it. You know yourself better. Work on your weak spots, but also at the same time you should work on perfecting your strengths as well. While preparing your timetable, do not forget the marks’ distribution.

Solve last year’s question papers

Solve sample papers and previous year’s question papers as much as you can because it will help you to get an insight into the various types of questions that appear in the board exams. Also, it will assist you in better time management along with navigating through the whole portion at once.

Sample papers and question papers come with time schedules. You can understand how much time you should spend on each section. Solve these papers for every subject to have a proper understanding of time management. Take help from your teachers and elders for better preparation.

Quick Revision Notes

Students can jot down notes which can help during revision time before exams. Instead of going through books again, quickly go through the revision notes. You can use sticky notes and paste it on your study table wall. Short diaries also can also come handy for this use.

Do not rush while answering

It’s advisable to avoid rushing while writing the answers. Read the questions carefully even before you start with the exams. Sometimes, questions are framed tactfully. Read a question twice even before you start writing the answer.

When it comes to language examinations, make sure that you are grammatically correct and follow the word count. It’s quite easy to score well in the science examination when you are clear with all the basic concepts. Do not miss out on the diagrams and try to include them in the answers wherever required.

Do not fear the maths exam; just be ready with the theorems and formulas. Work hard on the topic that you feel you are not comfortable with. Practice mathematics every day without fail. Mistakes are common, but avoid making the same mistakes in the exam papers.

When it comes to optional questions, make sure you choose wisely. Attempt the questions that you think are easy to answer and have a good scoring opportunity. Do not give extra time in just completing a few of the answers as it can become difficult to complete the whole paper. If you feel stuck with a particular question, just mark it out and try to attempt it later on if you have extra time in hand.

Ending Note

With the tips shared from the best schools in Bangalore, you can certainly clear the board exams without a headache. At the Global Indian International School, special classes are conducted before examinations to provide students with a real exam scenario. These extra classes and examinations help students to understand their weak points, so that it becomes easier to work on them. Plus, candidates get to understand their strengths that help them to prepare accordingly. The teachers at GIIS are always ready to help their students with last moment preparations. If you are planning to enrol your kid in one of the best CBSE schools in Whitefield, do not miss the opportunity to enrol him in GIIS. It’s the best decision you can take for your precious gem. Remember, his entire future is dependent on your single decision. So, be wise and make the right decision now!

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