Top 5 Local SEO Tips To Get Your Business Found In Your Hometown

Smaller companies that operate on a regional rather than a national scale need local SEO to be as effective as possible. However, local SEO places a greater emphasis on appearing in local search results than ranking throughout the United States. Customers and leads in your local area are the focus of this approach.

As a result, optimizing your local SEO approach will result in increased visitors to your website, leads, and conversions. This method is a great option when it comes to competing with significant businesses that have infinite resources. You might concentrate on particular local-SEO activities to counteract the advantages of larger firms that frequently optimize for broad keywords and depend on brand awareness rather than value propositions.

1. Take advantage of Local SEO Buying Intent

What are the best methods for identifying and capitalizing on the distinct local purpose in numerous locations? Analyzing what your clients do when they search for a place on Google is among the most effective approaches. Improve your local exposure as a result of doing these steps.

Assume, for example, that the bulk of your consumers use your listings to check on the availability of certain products. With this kind of knowledge, you’ll see where product information or schema markup may be improved to make it easier for customers to locate.

Another example is when clients search for your phone number in your local listings, and you know that you will need more personnel to answer the phone. Identifying the local purpose in numerous sites might be challenging. For example, you might ensure that the phone numbers & business hours are accurate on the company profiles if your audience prefers to call. Additionally, if your audience often clicks on driving directions, be sure your NAP is correct.

2. Obtain Positive Feedback

Recommendations are critical. They are a ranking component in the local pack, but they also make your listing stand out. In the local SEO world, if you can get your pleased clients to write excellent reviews for you on Google as a way of saying “thank you,” it may go a long way. The study helps you rank higher and increases the amount of space your result occupies on the search result. Adding schema markups, semi, and other elements to pages outside the local pack is an excellent way to expand the amount of space your company takes up on the web.

Another advantage of getting evaluations is that they provide social verification. If your company has five stars, customers know it is well-recognized by others. The three key conversion factors of ranking, click through rate, and conversion optimization (CRO) are all addressed in the process of obtaining reviews (CRO).

3. Track Your SERP Positions By Identifying Your Keywords

You will need to keep track of the keywords you want to do well for after you have discovered them. There are a few methods to go about this, and Semrush even makes things a little bit simpler. The Position Tracking Tool, for starters, lets you monitor and compare data from numerous physical places or devices at once. Therefore, you do not have to worry about keeping tabs on your rivals’ local SEO efforts. In addition, with the Listing Management Tool, you can monitor up to five keywords within a specified radius around your company.

4.  Add Landing Pages For Every Location To The Website

For the search engine to show the business for relevant queries, company-specific traits might aid in differentiating the firm and its unique features. For example, depending on these characteristics, a coffee shop may or may not be a good option for business lunches or other outside gatherings.

However, you may use those qualities differently regarding local searches. As you can see, Google has already established these characteristics. Your company or location will be represented in a list of options. Less recognized is that the search engine adds such properties depending on what people are looking for.

Because qualities are directly related to the audience’s demands, they are the data consumers expect to see when they assess a company. Another approach to make use of your attributes? On location-specific landing pages, provide information about relevant qualities. For example, a coffee shop’s website displaying a specific location should highlight its outside seats and business amenities. This also makes the page more relevant to local SEO Melbourne searches for a service like this.

5. Use Online Business Directories to Your Advantage

Yelp, MapQuest, and YellowPages are just a handful of the many online business directories. The list goes on and on.

Your local SEO will benefit from having your company name, address, & phone number included in these directories. The following elements should be included in your business profile:

  • Creative ideas for a company name (insert your own here!).
  • Name, address, and phone number.
  • The inclusion of a link back to your website.
  • All directories should have the same information.


SEO is constantly evolving. It is impossible to predict when Google will roll out new features for local search results, but you can bet on it. As a result, local SEO must constantly be kept current. By putting these ten suggestions into practice, you will be better prepared to capitalize on profitable local searches and laying the groundwork for future SEO enhancements.

If you do not have the time or resources to make these changes, you may want to consider hiring a small company SEO service provider or getting a local SEO assessment.

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