Top Ecommerce Platforms for the Website Development in 2022

The world is going digital in all walks of life. The way people communicate and carry out their work in offices or shops are basic amenities of life. Yes, the twenty-first century has seen a drastic increase in digital commerce. Very few people now take time out and make enough effort actually to visit a store to buy important stuff. 

People prefer to shop online for clothes, accessories, books, or shoes. Even with gifts, people now order them online, make an online payment, and get the gift delivered to their loved ones directly. In times like these, if you want to open up a commerce site for your new business, get your site developed on one of the best eCommerce platforms available in the year 2022.

This article aims to introduce you to key ecommerce platforms most businesses are using for setting up their digital commerce sites. 

Top 4 platforms for eCommerce website development

In an age of very high levels of penetration of screens and digital devices, you need to integrate your business with modern-day needs. Digital commerce is an essential component of most businesses nowadays. When building your eCommerce site, you must seek professionals with sound knowledge of state-of-the-art solutions.

The best solutions among which you can choose to build your commerce site are as follows: 


Magento is a powerful open-source eCommerce platform built on a comprehensive Zend architecture. You can get your site built using Magento quickly as it offers a large development community besides a wide array of application resources for you. You can safely rely on Magento for an SEO-friendly online retail store development with a dynamic theme. 

It also promises customized modules that allow you to meet your business requirements easily. It allows for comprehensive shipping and payment gateways functionality, even for the global distribution of your products via digital commerce. 


ClickCart / SCCart (SpiralClick Cart) is another ecommerce solution with comprehensive functionality that provides a robust and powerful eCommerce solution. It has been built on a Model-view-controller methodology. It possesses a flexible architecture when it comes to its modules. You can rely on a reputable company offering ecommerce development solutions in Dubai to develop your site according to your business requirements. 

It has built-in core eCommerce modules that are customizable and thus offer breathing space for making changes per your business priorities. 

You also get to have SEO-friendly URLs with this solution. 


WooCommerce is a highly useful WordPress plugin that serves as an eCommerce solution. If you have your WordPress website, you can easily get it integrated and turned into a fully-functional ecommerce site and run an online store.

It offers a basic level of store functionality, and the plugin is available online and is free of cost. It offers many extensions and functions that can make your ecommerce site detailed ad comprehensive to fit the user’s expectations and business requirements.


Another popular eCommerce solution based on a model–view–control architecture is called OpenCart. Similar to Magento, it also has a vast community of developers. The modules related to the application are detailed and highly capable of offering lucrative online shopping experiences

You need the help of professional developers to implement it. With the help of reputable ecommerce solutions, you can ensure that you maximize the potential benefits of the OpenCart platform. You can expect your site to be capable of exceeding customer expectations. And providing a remarkable experience to both local and global clients.

Decide about your digital commerce site now!

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses are investing in the digital component of their stores without giving it a second thought. That is how incredibly important eCommerce has become. Thus as a business owner, if you haven’t invested in the digital commerce component of your company, you better do that soon. In this way, you will be able to become a part of the daily life of an average person using a smartphone very easily. 

When you do so, use trending technologies like Magento, ClickCart, OpenCart, WooCommerce, or OpenCart. These platforms can easily let your website integrate into a full-fledged eCommerce site. There’s nothing wrong with being behind unless you keep trying to move forward. Keep going so that your company doesn’t stagnate.

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