Top Security Tools For Your Children’s Security

Before we dive into the security apps or gadgets, let’s talk about what protection apps and security devices are, and how they can help you keep your kids secure. A protection app is an application that you can use to help track your child’s location, control their text messages and calls, block certain content using kid-safe search engines, and set time limits on their mobile device use. These applications are often only available for computers, some on both Android and iOS, and others for both computers and mobile devices.


 Bark’s website claims to have the most scope of any monitoring device because it includes such a range of websites and applications. Its special algorithms analyze words on your kid’s computer to identify pre-occurrence risks, such as cyber-bullying, drug use or suicidal thought. Bark manages items like email tracking, which a lot of their rivals don’t do. Like some of its rivals, Bark does, however, give parents a central platform for detailed monitoring. Users report the app’s desire to offer location, filtering, and scheduling services. Bark has a budget-friendly price model for unlimited kid toys, unlimited applications, and unlimited operation for just $9 a month (or $99 a year) after the 7-day free trial, with no commitment whatsoever. They also give school systems their platform called Bark for Schools.

Smart Locks

 Electronic smart locks use WiFi and telephone applications to power the locks wherever you are. Some locks have keypad entry codes, so when you’re on holiday, you can allow a neighbor or house sitter access to your house and then only change the code to keep them from coming in when you’re back. Many locks can be attached to mobile phones so that people who need immediate access through their phone can unlock the door. You’re never going to have to worry about making a copy of your house key and getting in without your permission.

Security Cameras

Apart from tracking possible burglars, surveillance systems will show you who’s at the door before you respond and even capture wild animals in your yard that might pose a danger to your pets or children. Many surveillance cameras connect to your desktop, tablet, or laptop much like smart lights and switches, so you can track your home from anywhere. Professional security companies mount cameras for you, or you can do it yourself.

Water Censors

Water sensors will warn you if flooding occurs. Place them under sinks, close to your washing machine or by a sump pump and if they sense extra moisture, they cause an alarm. Sensors allowed by WiFi will send messages to your phone, giving you heads-up to run home if you’re out and about. These devices aren’t as glamorous as surveillance cameras, but by helping you avoid water damage, they can save you a lot of money.

The eKavach

Recommended by a dissertation help company, the eKavach is an app that you can run on your iOS and Android devices. This specific app is great for families of curious children who also want to search for Google. With eKavach, you can encourage your child to access the Web freely, because the app can filter out everything they shouldn’t see. It also allows remote control, which will enable you to keep track of what your child is exposed to.

The Life360 Family Locator 

The Life360 Family Locator doesn’t just work to keep you updated on your family members’ exact position. Instead you can also use the program to connect easily with your family through instant messaging. You can also set up reminders that will inform your family once you have arrived safely at your destination. Another nice thing about this app is that iOS, Android, and Blackberry are available.

Pool Guard In-Ground Swimming Pool Alarm

With the PoolGuard In-Ground Swimming Pool Warning, you will get updates instantly if something or someone accidentally falls into your pool. Simply configure your system and turn it on when your pool is not in use. What this warning tracks the condition of your pool and is meant to detect unexpected disruptions and changes happening when something of a significant size falls in. This system is especially required for families with small pets or children who do not yet know how to swim.

Child health is an important element in the planning of a new family home. Lucky for us, today’s technology gives us more peace of mind when it comes to looking after our babies. Keeping this in mind, consider using any of the gadgets or apps listed to perfect your child safety plan at home. We hope these ideas will help ensure your family and children are safe.

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