Types of Modems and Approvals You Need Before Their Use

Modems are known as modulators and demodulators that ensure the encoding and decoding of the transferred digital signals. Without these modems, it will be impossible for the end devices to connect to their internet service providers. According to their price, medium of connectivity, and speed, modems have different types and categories.

These categories are also made based on their compliance with the standards available for telecom equipment. You must avoid buying products or telecommunication equipment that is not type-approved so that you do not compromise on the services. It is also a must for the manufacturers of these devices to register to get approval before they begin their sales.

Keep scrolling down the article to get familiar with different types of modems and what are the necessary approvals you need to get for their sale and use.

Top 4 Types of Modems You Can Use For Internet Access

There are different means and methods through which people get access to the internet in their homes and workplaces. The internet speeds will be different for each user because of the type of medium used to access the internet. Different types of modems are used by various users with different requirements for internet speeds and affordability.

Following are some different types of modems that you can buy and use to ensure your devices have internet access.

1.      Telephone modem

A type of modem that uses physical means to connect two or more computers using a telephone cable. The cable is responsible for modulating and demodulating the signals transmitted between the two ends. Generally, these types of modems are affordable and do not include any installation costs. The manufacturers of these modems need to ensure they receive the TRA type approval from the authorities to make sure they meet the standards and are good to sell.

2.      Cable modem

Cable modems provide a better internet speed than telephone modems, and they use a coaxial cable for this purpose. This cable allows the end users to communicate with their internet service providers and get better speed internet. The modem actually acts as a translator between the ISP and the router, making faster communications. The router that is connected to the modem then sends the signals to the computers and vice versa.

3.      Digital subscriber line (DSL)

Usually, people consider the DSL modems and telephone modems to be the same, but they are slightly different from one another. One of the major differences between the two modems is the internet speed, which is comparatively high in DSL modems. These modems use the same copper cable or wire used in the telephone modem to ensure connectivity and internet access. The only reason these are better than telephone modems is that they provide both voice communication and internet access simultaneously without any interruptions.

4.      Satellite modem

One of the most used and better options among all the available modems is the satellite modem that provides better internet access. Usually, these types of modems are extensively used in areas where no telephone operator is available to provide the internet. With such modems, several devices can access the internet concurrently without compromising on the speeds. The only drawback of these modems is that the download rates they provide are far less than the rates provided by other modems.

Top 2 approvals that are a must to receive for modems

A lot of people have misinterpreted that there is no need to do compliance tests for equipment like modems. But it is very important to receive approval from the authorities to ensure they are ready to sell and used by the public.

Below are the two most important approvals and permissions you need to receive from the authorities before you sell a modem.

1.      No objection certificate

In most cases, you have to fill in an application to get the no objection certificate (NOC) for the telecom equipment. This certificate is granted for the products and equipment after they are type approved. This will ensure that the products manufactured have no limitations and completely meet the telecommunication equipment standards. To fill out this application, you must provide certain details along with the equipment test reports and results.

2.      Type approval

The type approval is one of the most important and essential approvals you need to get in the UAE to use and sell telecommunication equipment. If you wish to use a modem of any kind, you must make sure that the equipment is type approved. Without this approval, there is no guarantee that these devices will meet the required standards. The manufacturers must register for the TRA type approval before they sell the telecommunication equipment to avoid penalties and fines.

Final Thoughts!

If you want to make sure you get better access to internet services, then you need to make sure the mediums you purchase are of good quality. It is only possible to identify if the telecom equipment you buy is tested against certain standards and they are type approved. The manufacturers of these mediums and equipment must seek expert help and advice to get approval and get permission to sell the products to their targets.

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