6 Reasons Why Managed VPS Canada is Better Than Unmanaged 

Managed VPS Hosting is for the business owners who do not have to worry about managing the server and also do not have time to update it on regular basis. While in Unmanaged VPS, you have to manage the server on your own. 

Also, in Managed VPS Canada you will get several advantages such as complete support from the expert IT Team, high-security protection for your website, high scalability, and more other benefits. This will help your website protect it from cyber attacks such as malware, phishing, and other dangerous threats. 

Moreover, it provides better performance while loading on the browser. Here we will discuss 6 reasons why managed vps is a better solution than Unmanaged VPS hosting.

About VPS Canada

VPS Hosting Canada is a type of web hosting that hosts websites on the Internet. Mainly, it is of two types- Managed VPS and Unmanaged VPS.

Managed VPS

It is a managed service where you do not have to worry about the management of the server. The hosting provider will take care of the server including updating the programms, installation of software, security, storage, and more things. 

Unmanaged VPS

It is a type of hosting where the hosting provider does not manage the server. You have to manage it on your own by installing the software, security, and monitoring the performance of the website. Mainly,  Unmanaged VPS in Canada is for the web developers and experts who can manage the server comfortably.

6 Reasons Why Managed VPS Canada is better than Unmanaged VPS Hosting


Managed VPS in Canada provides complete support to the users. Also, it is the best feature for online businesses that depends on the website to achieve their goals. 

If your website is going down then your business will be decreased. But with Managed VPS Canada, the team will take care of your website performance if something happens wrong. 

Moreover, Under Managed VPS Hosting you will get expert IT Team Support, and also you do not have to worry about performance. They will take care rest of your website in running or loading the website faster on the browser. 

It is the best option for businesses that do have an in-house IT Team. In this case, the managed vps provider will provide IT support to the online businesses. 

Regular Patches and Updates

Keeping the website updated is the most crucial thing for website owners. Also, regular patches and updates help to ensure that your website is secured with advanced technology. 

This helps to save your time which you can spend on other activities of the business. 

Moreover, for online businesses, regular updating of the website will protect your website information from dangerous threats. 

DDoS Protection and Cloudflare

It is the most important feature that Managed VPS Hosting Canada offers to online businesses. This will help your website secure your data from cyber-attacks. The Managed VPS provides advanced security to online businesses including DDoS protection that helps to secure your website information from malicious attacks. 

Therefore, DDoS Protection helps to identify and block malicious traffic before it comes to your website. 

Moreover, it also offers Cloudflare which is a content delivery network that helps to improve the performance of the website. It helps to decrease the load on your web server and will improve website speed.


Managed VPS Hosting Canada provides a strong security system to protect the website on the internet. Also, antivirus gives proactive monitoring to online businesses. It means that it helps to identify the threats on your website and destroy them before they cause any harm to the data on the website. 

Moreover, your online business is highly secure under managed VPS hosting which is far better than unmanaged vps.

Hardware upgrade

It is one of the best advantages that you get under Managed VPS Hosting Canada. Therefore, in the case of unmanaged vps hosting, if you want to upgrade the hardware, for this you need to hire someone, or you have to do it yourself. But for you, it can be time-consuming and expensive in unmanaged vps. 

Moreover, Managed VPS provider takes care of all the hardware upgrades for you. They know how to install it properly with the latest equipment and upgrade it more quickly and efficiently. It will also help to save your time and money.

Data Backup

Data Backup is the most important part for online businesses. Therefore, Managed VPS Canada offers automatically data backup option in the case of hardware failure or other activities. It helps to do a regular backup of information automatically. 

Moreover, it ensures that you always have a copy of the data or information in case unnecessary thing occurs.


In this article, you have learned about the reasons why Managed VPS Canada is better than Unmanaged VPS. Therefore, it is the best option for online business owners. Also, it provides several benefits to the websites such as DDoS protection, Antivirus, and more to secure your website information from dangerous attacks. 

Managed VPS provides an expert IT team to manage your website on regular basis. This helps you to save your time and money while having managed VPS hosting. 

In the case of Unmanaged VPS, you have to manage your business yourself. Also, whenever you want to upgrade the resources you need to hire an IT team. This will become too costly and time is taken to task for small and large business owners. 

Moreover, you may choose Serverwala Managed VPS in Canada for your online business. Under this, you will get several advantages to secure your website tightly. This also helps you to achieve your goals with better speed and performance.

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