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What are Important Parameters To Choose Bluetooth Speakers?

What are Important Parameters To Choose Bluetooth Speakers? 

While choosing a Bluetooth speaker for yourself. It is important to look at the necessary parameters before buying one.

Here is what you need to know:

Bluetooth speaker size

Depends on whether you want to use it in only one place (for example, at home, in the car) or in different places. If this is a universal model, it is better that it be the smallest and fit in a pocket or backpack. Mini flare is a good choice if you are looking for a small but effective Bluetooth speaker.

Larger speakers provide better sound – they have more room for the elements that enhance playback, but they take up more space and are heavier. A larger speaker is more suitable for use in one place.

Mobile speaker operating time

It also depends on whether it should be as mobile as possible, or will be used only at home or in the car, where you can charge it at any time.

If you want to organize an outdoor event, you need a speaker with a battery that will last at least 10 hours. Some mobile speakers with a high-capacity battery also have a power bank function. Thanks to this, you can charge your phone or tablet without even having access to a power outlet.

Sound quality and Bluetooth speaker volume

If we are talking about accessories that can be used to play music, sound quality and volume are important selection criteria.

The smallest models are often low volume and have average sound quality. Suitable if you just want to listen to something in the background, not necessarily at maximum volume, or use the speaker to listen to, for example, podcasts or audiobooks.

If high-quality audio reproduction is important to you, select a slightly larger speaker size for louder and better sound.

Pay attention to the power of the speakers. Simply put: the higher the power, the higher the volume. In addition, it is good if the speaker uses additional technologies that enrich the low frequencies or make the sound more spacious.

Speaker Serviceability

The simplest mobile speakers have a power switch and volume buttons. The rest of the control is carried out in the player of the phone.

More interesting models have slightly more switches that allow you to skip between tracks, rewind, and receive incoming calls on your phone.

In extreme conditions, you will need a more “independent” speaker. In addition, it is more convenient to control the stream using the speaker, which is at hand, than to take out and unlock the phone every time.

Bluetooth speaker stability

If you want to take your speaker on a trip and use it at the beach (sand), in the pool (water), or during renovations (dust), please choose a model that meets the IP67 or IP68 rating.

Thanks to this, you can be sure that such a speaker will work reliably and withstand even the harsh conditions of camping.

Many of the mobile speakers available on the market are IPX7 rated, which means they are waterproof. They can even dive to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes.

Music will accompany you outdoors in the rain or in the pool. This speaker is also easy to keep clean. Simply rinse under running water.

Wireless speaker features


Particularly noteworthy is the Multipoint function, which allows you to connect several Bluetooth devices at the same time. Thanks to this, you can, for example, together with friends, listen to music from different phones, without painful switching between different models.

Call service

Typically, this is a standard feature and the speaker has a built-in microphone. Thanks to this, it can even replace the hands-free kit in the car. However, remember that not only you will hear your interlocutor, but also your passengers. Sometimes the speakers are also equipped with buttons to control calls.

Built-in radio

If you want to occasionally listen to up-to-date information about events in the country and the world, or just listen to your favorite radio station, choose a model with a built-in FM radio.

Built-in MP3 player

The speaker can also play the role of an independent player if it has a slot for connecting a memory card. In this case, it is enough to install the media in the desired slot and play music directly from the memory card.

The appearance of the Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speakers are usually a very attractive accessory. Colored housings, lighting, pendants – so that a mobile speaker is not only a practical but also a stylish device.

In the matter of appearance, please note that the speaker is equipped with a stand or a silicone shell on the back.

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