What Are Pre-Rolls: Know Everything About Them

The most enjoyable aspect of a pre-roll or pre-rolled joint may be that it is ready-made for consumers not to go through the stress of drying, grinding, and sealing cannabis flowers into a roll. Not only that, but its variants come in different sizes (i.e., the size of a pre-roll can be from the pinky finger’s length to a smartphone’s length), weight, and ability, and they are accessible in some specific strains of flavor. You might have probably seen a pre-roll once, but you might not have known it was the one.  

What is a pre roll? 

A pre-roll can compare to a traditional nicotine delivery system, only that this time it is not filled with tobacco but with grounded Cannabis flower instead. Now that you have gotten a picture of what pre-rolls may look like, pre-rolls consist of wrappers that roll around ground Cannabis flowers with or without a filter. The name pre-roll arose from the already processed Cannabis flower and the wrap that rolls around it.  

The shelf life of pre rolls 

Did you know that Cannabis has a shelf life? The same goes for pre-rolls too. It is natural for Cannabis to experience decadence over time; as it ages, it starts to grow mold, and its potency and flavors also lessen over time. Solutions drive the human world, and people have come up with ways to extend Cannabis shelf life with more innovative packaging. 

If you wish for your pre-roll to have a longer shelf life, you should adequately store it (i.e., tight sealing, low humidity and light, and temperature control will keep your pre-roll alive for longer.). Below are methods you can use to keep a pre-roll for longer. 

  • Mason jars are popular amongst pre-roll users because they are affordable, translucent, and easy to use.  
  • Humidity storage containers: humidity control around Cannabis is essential to its longevity; since the goal is to dehumidify the air around it, it’s best to store your stash in a vacuum-sealed container. Manufacturers create the container to cure and store Cannabis, which comes in different sizes. Some are enough to hold as much as two pounds of Cannabis. 

Advantages of taking pre rolls 

Below you can find justifiable reasons and advantages to help make your buying decision regarding pre rolls easier andfaster. 

  • You don’t have to process the Cannabis flower; the producers have done all the hard work for you. 
  • Smoking pre-rolls are safer compared to bowls, bongs, or dabs. 
  • Their psychoactive effect is less intense. 
  • pre-rolls are inexpensive 
  • There is a comprehensive list of a variety of pre rolls that you can try. 

The different varieties of pre-rolls 

As mentioned earlier, a wide variety of pre-rolls are available on the market, which is highlighted below. 

Classic Cone Joints

The pre-rolled joint can be found at most, if not in all, dispensaries. Its wrap could be hemp, rice, or unbleached paper; its cone is filled with Cannabis, shaped and twisted in a way that makes the roll more combustible.  

King-sized cone 

Classic cone joints weigh between 0.5 to 0.75g, although King sized cones are similar; they are much larger and weigh between 1 to 1.75 g of ground Cannabis flowers. King-sized cones may be funnel or cone-shaped; some may be longer or wider. These different features produce unique hits.


Blunts are unique because they are available in all shapes and sizes; they weigh between 0.5 to 0.8g of a ground Cannabis flower. It can come in two different wrappings, although pressed Hemp Wrapper is more popular than tobacco leaf wrap. It also has a ton of flavors underneath its belt. At the dispensary, you will mostly find blunts with Hemp wrappers; this is great because CBD present in the Hemp Wrapper may strengthen the entourage effect of the Cannabis in the roll. 

Cannabis cigarettes 

Here is another pre-roll similar to the size of a cigarette which makes them discreet. Cannabis cigarettes are made with cigarette-like paper as a wrap and usually weigh between 0.25 to 0.5g of ground Cannabis flower. They are generally accessible in packs of three to twelve.  

Cannagars  You have the best of the Cannabis pre-rolls right here. What makes Cannagars unique is that they are made entirely from Cannabis. Even the wrappers are made with Cannabis. Most Cannagars at the dispensary are infused with rosins, distillates, or hash oils to make the roll burn for hours. It typically weighs somewhere between four to eight grams of Cannabis ground flower


This article covered everything you need to know about pre-rolls, from what it is about to their shelf life and how you can preserve them; the advantages and types were also discussed. Beginners who have no idea about Cannabis and pre-rolls can use this article as a starter.

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