What happens to your Porsche after a collision?

Porsche is one of the world’s most famous car manufacturers. They have created wonderful pieces of machines just as the Porsche Carrera, Porsche Cayman, Porsche 911, and many more. Porsche has set a standard for luxury cars as it offers durable, reliable, and high-speed cars. Porsche also has an incredible shock absorption capability that makes the drivers feel like they are one of the cars as it drives on the road. Not only that, but their cars also have some of the latest technology for safety like the PAS or the Porsche Active Safe, an advanced driver safety system designed to prevent or reduce the effects of a forward collision. However, collisions can still happen on the road. And here are a list of possibilities on what can happen to your Porsche after a collision.


Porsche may have the most durable cars out of all the luxury cars in the market. Keeping that thought in mind, scratches, and dents may be reduced due to the materials used for these cars. It is still natural for luxury cars to get scratches and dents, but unlike normal cars, where even the lightest collision can leave a large dent, most Porsche models won’t get severely dented especially in a minor collision due to the material used in making the body of this car.


Although Porsche’s vehicles were designed and built with premium materials. Just like normal cars, if the headlights and indicator lights were hit, they can break down easily. Furthermore, in comparison with normal cars, the light bulbs or the LEDs on Porsche headlights tend to work a little longer rather than normal cars. Due to more complex and more detailed work on the headlight, every Porsche owner can still use the headlight even after a car collision.


Modern and most luxury cars are now usually using more durable glass for windshields, unlike old cars. Because of the upgrade, it can withstand more flying debris on the road and doesn’t break that easily even after getting hit after a car collision. However, since it is still made of glass, it is best for Porsche owners to expect that there might still be some cracks or small damages on the windshield especially if it was a major collision.


Bumpers are made and designed for the protection of every car, luxury or not. For Porsche, bumpers are made of a high-quality material that is sturdy and reliable. For minor collisions, the front and rear bumpers may suffer from scratches, dents, and becoming loose. For some cars and cars that are in old age, the bumpers may fall off easily after a collision.


Body panels and fenders tend to keep your car protected just like bumpers. Though the fenders mostly protect the car tires, it also protects the side-body of your car. And just like windshields, it protects the tire from getting road debris like small rocks. Though for normal cars, fenders are not that noticeable. But for luxury cars such as Porsche, it is noticeable as it also not serves a function but also gives a more aesthetic look to the car.


Tires getting punctured is normal for every car owner whether it is from a collision or from a nail from driving around the neighborhood. Aside from getting punctured, tires get some air leakage from cuts, cracks, impacts, and bulges. Without a working tire, you won’t be able to experience the full performance of a luxury car.

In conclusion, just like any other normal car when dealing with a collision, Porsche is pretty much the same. Although Porsche is much safer and more durable, it can still be damaged depending on the severity of the impact. However, for Porsche owners, their cars are actually safe. The PAS System scans the road for up to 600 feet ahead. So future collisions, the computer will automatically alert you to avoid having into an accident. 

However, if your car still breaks down, there are still certified auto body repair shops that focus on luxury cars. If you want to customize or make upgrades, there is a Porsche Auto Body Repair in Houston, TX. Schedule an appointment to have high-quality service and expertise for luxury cars.

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