What Is Masturbation? Safe Sex & Health Facts

Besides providing satisfaction, masturbation may enhance your health and well-being by promoting improved sleep, mood, and stress alleviation. So let us learn more about masturbation.

What Is Masturbation?

Masturbation is a prevalent practice that includes touching the genitalia or other intimate body parts for sexual stimulation or pleasure.

It is a natural and comfortable method for exploring the body, experiencing pleasure, and releasing sexual tension. Individuals of various backgrounds, sexes, and ethnicities engage in it. Further, masturbation has no physically damaging side effects, contrary to popular belief.

Occasionally, excessive or obsessive masturbating may be dangerous or contribute to other mental health issues. It is often a pleasurable, normal, and healthy act. Yet, it is also beneficial to be aware of the side effects of masturbation. This post will cover every detail of masturbation.

The Benefits Of Masturbation

You might have heard that masturbation is unhealthy, causing infertility, shrinking your genitalia, or causing you to develop an addiction once you begin. None of it is accurate. Masturbation is neither unhealthy nor harmful. Further, it may be beneficial to your mental and physical well-being. And it is essentially the safest form of sexual activity since there is no chance of becoming pregnant or contracting an STD.

When you experience an orgasm, your body produces endorphins, pain-blocking, and mood-enhancing hormones. Additionally, the positive sensations accompanying an orgasm occur regardless of whether you are masturbating or having intercourse. 

Now that you have understood what is masturbation and realize that it is a safe activity, you must also learn some of its benefits.  

Numerous studies have shown the health advantages of masturbating, and they are:

  • relieve sexual tension
  • decrease anxiety
  • assist you in sleeping better
  • enhance your sense of self-worth and body image
  • help manage sexual difficulties
  • minimize menstruation cramps and muscular strain

What Counts As Excessive Masturbation?

Some individuals engage in it daily, or perhaps many times each day. Some individuals engage in it once per week, once per few weeks, or sometimes. Moreover, some individuals never engage in it, which is also acceptable, and all these things are normal.

Masturbation is only “too much” when it impedes one’s profession, duties, or social life. If this is a concern for you, you may choose to consult with a therapist or counselor. 

Several individuals have different notions, beliefs, and ideas about what is masturbation. Some individuals learn at an early age that it is immoral or harmful, so they feel guilty when they engage in it. If you feel this way, realize that most individuals engage in it. Moreover, it is pretty ordinary, and nothing is wrong with this. If you have difficulty overcoming emotions of guilt, a counselor or therapist may be able to assist.

Is Masturbation Healthy & Safe?

After individuals learn what is masturbation, they wonder if it is good or not. Once considered a sin and a symptom of a mental disorder, it is today seen as a standard, healthy, pleasurable, acceptable, and safe sexual behavior.

Moreover, it is an effective method to enjoy sexual pleasure, which may be done during one’s life. If performed alone, it is the safest form of intimacy since there is no risk of getting pregnant or sexually transmitted diseases (STIs).

If you are masturbating with a companion, washing your hands after touching yourself and contacting them helps prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs) transmission via vaginal fluid or sperm. Moreover, the same holds if you use sex toys when masturbating with others. After you understand what is masturbation and how to perform it safely, you will always be safe. 

It is only regarded as problematic when it interferes with sexual intercourse with a partner, when it is performed in public, or when it brings the person distress. Moreover, it may be distressing if performed compulsively or if it conflicts with everyday tasks.

Some Possible Negative Effects

There are no adverse effects of masturbation. Yet some individuals may have stinging or sensitive skin if they are excessively rough. However, this condition often heals within a few days. Men engaging in frequent masturbation may develop a condition known as edoema of the penis. Yet, it subsides within a few days.

If this happens or you are experiencing any other side effects of masturbation, like skipping school, it affects your professional life, or brings you stress, look for ways how to stop masturbating. 

If you have a clear idea about what is masturbation and considering doing it, always remember that always keep it in moderation.


Hope you understand what is masturbation and whether it is harmful or safe. Always keep masturbation in moderation. If you are looking for ways how to control it, then avoid sexual content, spend time with others, or develop some new habits that will keep you engaged. Then also you have any issues or queries then you can consult with a sexologist in Jaipur.

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