Understanding Pitru Dosha! What is Pitra Dosha?

Pitra Dosha or Pitru Dosha is among the most destructive Doshas in a person’s Kundali. Pitra means forefathers and dosha means sin, therefore Pitra Dosha can be described as ‘Forefathers Dosha.’ Understanding Pitru Dosha is important because of misconceptions related to it. It is falsely related to the curse of forefathers to the native for non-fulfillment of their wishes, but it is related to the Karmic debt of the forefathers that the native has to fulfill.

The fulfillment of the Karmic debt of forefathers by the native in the form of suffering or hardships or compensating it by their good Karma. That is reflected by the malefic combination of planets in the Janam Kundali of a native. This Dosha affects the person severely and an expert Astrologer can help you understand and find solutions for this Dosha.

Types of Pitra Dosha

There are majorly three types of Pitru Dosha or three major reasons that causes this Dosha:

  • Bad Karma of father or forefathers or the debt of bad deeds of forefathers are to be borne by the individual in the form of Pitra Dosha
  • A curse from the outsider because of harm caused to them by the bad deeds of the individual themselves or their forefathers
  • The ignorance of native towards their responsibilities for their parents and forefathers, especially the lack of shouldering responsibilities of forefathers in their old age

Additionally, it is believed that disregarding elders in a previous incarnation results in Pitru Dosha in the current existence.

Effects of Pitru Dosha

This Dosha not only affects the life of the individual, but also affects the lives of his children and spouse and generations to come. The effect of Pitra Dosha on a person are:

  • This Dosha affects the native by the problems in childbirth or presence of no male child in the family to carry out their heirloom.
  • The marriage of the native’s children does not take place or they face acute difficulties in getting their children married. There is also a possibility that the children of the native have no interest in married life or couldn’t find a suitable match.
  • The children in the family are born with physical or mental disabilities or may constantly face physical and mental health ailments.
  • Not only children, family members also face health problems. Health issues are a constant concern in the native family, which may be physical or mental. This also becomes the reason for financial problems in the family.
  • This Dosha adversely affects the home environment of the native. The native lives in a stressed environment with disagreements and feuds with spouse. There is no peace and positivity in the house of the native.
  • The natives with Pitru Dosha in their Kundli often face financial hardships. They may incur debts or may be unable to make money or grow financially. Financial problems and inadequacy are a constant concern for the native.
  • The person and their children may also struggle professionally or lose interest in the family business.
  • The reputation of the native also comes to stake because of this Dosha. The individual may earn a bad name in society and may face legal consequences as well.
  • Unnatural death also takes place in the house of the native. Deaths caused by suicides, murder, accidents or under mysterious ways can happen to the family members of the native or to the native oneself. Early death of the male members in the family may also take place to the native with Pitru Dosha.
  • The native lives in the situation where they worry about their own death or fear death.
  • The person may see snakes in their dreams as an indication of Pitru Dosha or may see ancestors asking for clothes and food in their dreams.

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How to Identify Pitru Dosha?

In Vedic Astrology, Pitru Dosha is caused by the malefic position of the Sun in the 9th house of the Janam Kundali of the native. Sun represents ancestors or forefathers in Astrology. Other planet placements that indicate Pitru Dosha in a native’s birth chart’s 9th house include:

  • Rahu in the 9th house of the Janam Kundali of the native
  • Placement of Sun with Saturn or Rahu in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 9th, and 10th house of the Kundli of the native
  • The lord of the 9th house is in conjunction with Rahu or Ketu
  • Placement of malefic planets in the 5th house of the birth chart of the native
  • Presence of weak planets, like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, and Mars in the 5th house in the Kundali
  • Presence of the lord of 5th house in the 6th, 8th, and 12th house in the Kundali of the native

Pitra Dosha is caused by the Karmic influence of the ancestors or forefathers and not by their curse. Chat with an expert Astrologer to know more about Pitru Dosha and find solutions to get rid of the ancestral debt, seek the blessings of forefathers for self and generations to come, and lead a happy life.

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