Which is Better: Daikin Split AC or Daikin Window AC?

Established in Japan, Daikin is an air conditioning company that provides reliable and safe solutions to help you beat the heat. With its major focus on air conditioning, Daikin ACs are among the most popular in India. They make two different types of air conditioners, and those are window air conditioners and split air conditioners.

Both of these air conditioners have the job of keeping the room at a comfortable temperature, but their designs are quite different from one another. Let us compare the two of them and observe how they vary from one another. 

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Split ACs are more expensive than window ACs of the same capacity and star rating. Daikin 1.5-ton split air conditioners cost between Rs. 29,000 and Rs. 68,000, depending on features, on online ecommerce platforms such as Bajaj Mall, while 1.5-ton window air conditioners cost between Rs. 24,000 and Rs. 34,000.

This indicates that Daikin AC is a smart alternative for those who are shopping on a limited budget. Because of the way that it is built, a window air conditioner is more suited to providing cooling for smaller rooms.

Visual appeal

Window ACs have the appearance of having been manufactured in another era. It’s possible that they’ll look bad and detract from the overall look of your wall. Because of how old it is and how useful it is, some people may not like the way it looks.

Every room in the home may benefit from the sleek, modern appearance of a split Daikin AC system. It is designed in a way that is both modern and streamlined, which makes it stand out.

When it comes to looks, a split air conditioner is much better than a window air conditioner.

Space to accommodate the installation

When compared to split ACs, window ACs need more wall space. It’s installed in the window. Most of the time, it blocks out natural light, which makes it more likely that someone will break in.

Split Daikin AC systems are more space-efficient than window AC units.

The indoor unit is affixed to the wall of your room, and the outdoor unit is fastened to a suitable spot outside the building.

What is the noise level like?

Window air conditioners produce more noise than split systems since the compressor is built into the cooling unit itself. Air conditioners installed in windows have the potential to produce a loud noise.

Since the compressor and condenser are outside the room, they don’t make as much noise inside the house.

In terms of the features bundled inside the Daikin AC,

In order to get the most out of your money when purchasing a window air conditioner, you will need to be ready to give up a lot of the features that are available. Split air conditioners have more functionality than these units. Advanced features may be available on certain window ACs.

A variety of high-tech functions, such as a sleep mode, an auto-cleaning function, and an auto-diagnosis function, are available on split air conditioners. Because of the way that they are designed and the technology that they employ, these functions may be added.

The ease of maintenance

In general, window air conditioners are low-maintenance electronic items that are fairly easy to maintain owing to the fact that all of their components are cohesively integrated into a single unit. This makes it possible for the whole device to function as one cohesive whole.

On the other hand, if you have a split AC system, you will need to hire a specialist or a professional to do routine repairs and maintenance on it at the proper intervals.

As a result of having two units, split air conditioners have a greater number of parts and components than window air conditioners.

There is a possibility that you may have to pay a fee, whether it be for the installation, the repair, or the maintenance of the Daikin air conditioner.


Each of the two types of Daikin ACs has its own set of benefits. Choosing a window unit if you have a limited budget or need to cool a small area is a good idea.

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