Why choose hospitality courses after the 12th grade?


Are you about to finish senior secondary school but are unsure what your ideal career path will be? Covid-19 was a devastating event that impacted us all. However, things are not as normal as they used to be. Unfortunately, the school education sector has not recovered from the severe damage. The results and tests for class XII remain uncertain. We must not lose heart and be open to the possibility of everything being restored. Let’s discuss a topic that we all enjoy discussing and thinking about. Which post-12th-grade career is the best?

In this post, we’ll discuss the hotel management program and why it’s so great after 12th grade.

Hotel Management:

Many people are looking for a new career and choose to work in hotel management. Two to three decades ago, there weren’t many institutions that offered professional training in the various fields of hospitality or culinary science. These institutes are now found in many major cities including Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. The professions of hotel management are better understood by students.

When it comes to choosing courses after the 12th grade, it makes sense that hotel management is one of the most desired professional degrees.

Why Hotel management is a good choice:

The symbols of luxury and glamour are top resorts, casinos and cruise ships as well as bars, nightclubs, bars and inns. It’s hard to imagine anyone not wanting to live in this kind of lifestyle. A hotel management degree could help you get into this exciting industry. You will receive the necessary instruction and have access to highly-sought-after talent for all these establishments including hotels, resorts and nightclubs.

You will be the primary provider of services if you choose to work in hospitality and hotel management. Everything around you revolves around you. You will be expected to manage the financial operations of your business efficiently and successfully.

Which is your true passion? Hospitality, hotels, or culinary arts?

Many people choose to study hotel and hospitality management after high school. This new type of profession doesn’t create tension or unfavorable feelings. Exceeding clients’ expectations is a way to find your way. This has less to do with how you close deals or achieve goals, but more with your skill set in hospitality.

Which one of these three industries, which is most appealing to you? What type of job do your dreams lead to?

All aspects of hotel operations include the operation of the hotel, which includes maximizing profits, exceeding guests’ expectations, as well as managing the hotel efficiently. Similar job descriptions can be found in hospitality management. However, they also apply to other establishments such as resorts, cruise ships, nightclubs and dining establishments. The essence of culinary art is food preparation that pleases many palates. The goal is to be able to serve a single client at a small restaurant and large crowds at mega-events.

If you are looking for a course in science after your 12th grade science, any of these courses could be a good choice.

ITM Institute of Hotel Administration

For careers in the hospitality, hotel and culinary industries, professional and soft skills are crucial. As a result, you won’t find yourself in a difficult position. If you are a person who enjoys interacting with people and has excellent organizational skills, this industry is right for you.

These fundamental principles were the foundation of ITM Institute of Hotel Management (ITM IHM), which was founded in 2002. ITM IHM is located in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, offering a variety of highly regarded certificate, diploma and bachelor’s programs.

These are some highlights from ITM IHM:

Group ITM

The ITM Group of Institutions includes several educational institutions that offer vocational and professional courses. It manages a network that includes five prestigious business schools located in Navi Mumbai and five other locations across the country. It has two universities, one in Raipur and one in Vadodara.

The ITM Institute of Hotel Management offers a variety of courses. These include:

  • Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Studies, Degree (3 years full-time).
  • International Culinary Arts Bachelor’s of Arts (3 year full-time).
  • International Hospitality & Tourism Management Bachelor’s of Arts (3 year full-time).
  • Culinary Arts Bachelor’s of Arts (3 year full-time).
  • Part-time Diploma in Confectionery & Patisserie
  • Coursework for a Cruise Operations Certificate (6 months)


Students can choose to pursue rewarding careers as hotel managers after they have received their 12th grade diploma. Students can choose their specialty based on their interests and preferences. ITM IHM is one of the best colleges in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai for hotel management. It offers placement assistance to all its students.

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