Why Create a Company Blog?

As a physical store or an online store, your presence on the Internet is essential. Nevertheless, a static site represents the worst communication strategy. Let’s see together why creating a business blog should become your marketing priority, and how to get started as soon as possible! In addition to discovering five strategic reasons to build your professional blog, find out how to get effective support from a content marketing expert.

Why develop your notoriety thanks to the professional blog? The 5 strategic reasons

Why would your business need a blog? Quite simply because this marketing solution offers you many advantages. Become visible on Google and gain the trust of your customers while differentiating yourself from the competition!

1. Improve the natural referencing of an e-commerce site with a professional blog

Do not settle for a showcase website to be well referenced in Google results! Indeed, the search engine algorithm prioritizes the pages by level of interest in its results. How? “Bots”, that is to say automated robots, analyze each page of each site to then classify them. This is called indexing.

The secret to attracting favors from Google is to offer relevant and regular content. Your website therefore needs to be dynamic to attract the attention of these robots. If you satisfy them with fresh and crisp content, they will reward you with a nice place in the results page, which is called the SERP. Your ultimate goal? Be on the first place of the podium: Internet users trust Google to give the best answer to their questions. Thus, positioning your e-commerce well in the SERP will increase your traffic significantly.

The virtuous loop doesn’t end there, because if your website attracts more visitors, the bots will notice its popularity and rank your articles even better… towards infinite traffic and beyond! All the techniques aimed at improving the natural referencing of your site are brought together under a single term, SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

2. Position yourself as an expert in your field

Producing quality content is not only a strategic advantage for the Google algorithm. A professional blog allows you to stand out to your target. Submitting qualitative articles demonstrates to your prospects that your company knows its sector so well that it offers free advice to its readers. 

Aside from the promise of good SEO, why start a business blog? Thanks to this content, your e-commerce will become a reference in the minds of your customers. This content strategy gives you a competitive advantage and places you as an authority site with your prospects.

3. Get to know your customers better thanks to the professional blog

The blog is a real lever of communication. If his articles inform your future customers, the interface of your blog can provide you with valuable information on the behavior of your prospects. Use:

  • Google Analytics: this tool allows you to know the age, secondary interests, as well as other crucial information about your visitors;
  • The “comments” area of ​​your professional blog: let your readers and potential customers speak.

Studying these tools will allow you to highlight even more suitable services and products.

4. Complete your marketing communication strategy with blogging

Professional blogging offers the advantage of informing about the news of its sector. It can also answer questions from Internet users or help them use the products they have purchased on the website.

In addition, the corporate blog is a great loyalty tool. Thanks to navigation data compiled by Google Analytics, you can learn more about your leads. Then publish more targeted articles to bring them back and convert them into customers.

In addition, the newsletter allows you to keep in touch with your readers, it is a formidable loyalty strategy! Send it on the occasion of a new publication… or an interesting promotion intended for your most loyal customers!

5. Stand out from the competition with a business blog

Professional blogging allows you to know your target, increase your traffic and your conversions. It is also a competitive advantage, since your company’s expertise will be highlighted. Your competitors will not be able to copy or match the strong identity that you will build over your articles!

Your company can offer free advice, tutorials, testimonials, etc. All of this takes control of your brand reputation, provided you know how to create engaging content!

By now, you are certainly convinced that the professional blog is a locomotive for your sales. Let’s answer your next question: how to create and maintain it while fulfilling your goals?

Why create a business blog with a professional writer?

Creating quality content cannot be improvised. Content marketing requires real expertise. A professional web editor allows you to delegate the creation and maintenance of your blog, as well as to make your communication profitable!

Integrating several types of content into a corporate blog: the advantage of the “chameleon” editor

A relevant blog is made up of many articles with different functions. The perfect balance is to alternate between informative, entertaining content and commercial promotions. Each of these families of texts will respond to a specific purpose:

  • Informative content will improve your natural referencing. Indeed, the use of vocabulary in connection with your activity, coupled with an idea of ​​article often sought by the Net surfers reinforce the referencing of your Web site.
  • The practical articles of your company blog will accompany your customers in the use of your products and services;
  • Entertaining content in the form of viral articles is easily shared on social networks. In bakery, for example, you can be sure that an article “Top 5 most unusual flours” will create a buzz!
  • To talk about your promotions, post temporary blog posts in the form of contests, presentations of new products or services. Your freelance copywriter will know how to formulate a convincing argument, which will increase your sales! 

Know that good ghostwriter for hire can also write white papers or e-books that will be used to grow your mailing list. Entrust him with writing attractive newsletters as well as landing pages that will welcome these new qualified prospects.

Entrusting your editorial strategy to a professional writer: instructions for use

Establishing an editorial schedule, knowing how to position yourself in the SERP (the search results page on Google) and creating engaging and quality content is a real job! That’s why creating a business blog requires working with a professional. A web editor specialized in SEO will be able to accompany you at each of these stages. 

The main objective of a professional blog is to attract visitors interested in your offer and to increase your conversion rate. To generate qualified traffic, your blog will have to respond to a global marketing strategy. The SEO web editor will be able to:

  • Conduct an SEO content audit;
  • Agree on a coherent editorial schedule;
  • Write optimized articles;
  • Monitor the results of this strategy on a monthly basis and provide you with a detailed report;
  • Regularly feed the blog to keep your place in the first results of Google.

Creating and maintaining a professional blog takes time, especially if you decide to share your articles on social networks. Getting your blog to rank on the top SERP results can take several weeks or even months of effort. It depends on your competition so be patient!

Where can I find an expert SEO copywriter?

How to find an expert web editor, able to understand and achieve your goals? Many amateurs call themselves “editors” without knowing how to juggle between copywriting, user experience, blogging and SEO.

Rest assured; these rare pearls exist! Just look for them in the right place. Cheap writing platforms will waste your time because they don’t offer a turnkey solution. Their objective? Providing large amounts of content rather than helping you establish an editorial strategy. There are sites that bring together qualified freelance writers, but beware of the commissions requested! 

Web is the ideal solution for creating a long-lasting business blog. Indeed, this site puts you in free contact with professional editors trained by Lucie Rondelet, a solidly successful infopreneur, passionate about natural referencing and editorial strategy.

Choosing to work with the freelancers of Redact du Web is the promise of finding experienced professionals who will understand you. They are able to build their own briefing based on your needs and objectives. These writers know how to search for reliable sources, set up an editorial schedule, write relevant, optimized articles and analyze the results of their work.

You now know why creating a business blog is urgent: you will soon measure its dazzling impact on your sales and your notoriety! What are you waiting for to find THE web editor who will effectively make your new professional blogging project profitable? Quickly consult the profiles to choose your freelance collaborator or even build an editorial team for an even more powerful professional blog!

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