Why do Parents Prefer to Choose International School

Choosing the right school for your child can be tricky, especially when there are multiple options available in Riyadh. Some parents opt to send their children to international schools because of the quality of the curriculum and the advanced learning opportunities. 

If you’re looking for all of the benefits of an international school but are unsure about the benefits. Let’s understand why parents prefer international schools over other schools.

What are Some Benefits of Choosing International School?

The benefits of international education are numerous.

  • An international education exposes students to new cultures and perspectives and helps them develop a global network of friends and colleagues.
  • Additionally, international education can prepare students for success in a rapidly changing world. Exposing your kids to different cultures and perspectives early on in life is essential. So they grow up more accepting and understanding of people who are different from themselves. It is one of the reasons parents choose the best kindergarten in Riyadh to give their children the best possible education at a foundational level.
  • A study by VIA Global found that children who attend international school report higher levels of confidence when it comes to being comfortable interacting with people from other countries or backgrounds. Exposure to foreign languages, food, customs, and cultures while still at a young age sets these children up for a global future.
  • These skills will also help these children succeed in academics as they enter higher levels of education since they will be better able to interact with classmates who speak different languages than theirs. Moreover, Saudi students were also given the green light by the Ministry of Education to join international schools owned by Saudi investors. The chairman of the private education committee at the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ibrahim Al-Salim, also said that the ministry’s decision to approve the international schools was taken after several parents’ requests that it will help the students gain English proficiency. 
  • There are many reasons why parents in Riyadh would prefer to send their children to an international school over a public one. The most important one is that international schools tend to have a more rigorous curriculum that prepares students for university. In addition, most international schools offer English-language instruction, which is essential for success in today’s global economy.
  • Finally, international schools typically have smaller class sizes, which allows for more individualized attention from teachers. These factors make it easier for international schools to produce well-rounded graduates who excel academically and demonstrate strong leadership skills. These features also make it easier for Saudi Arabian students attending international schools to enter prestigious universities abroad.

Here are some note-worthy reasons why parents prefer to choose International School in Riyadh for their child:

The Importance of Language

Parents in Riyadh understand the importance of language acquisition. They know their children must be proficient in English to compete in the global economy. For this reason, they send their children to international schools where they receive a high-quality education that includes English language instruction.

The Value of Having Both an American and Saudi Teacher

Regarding education, Saudi Arabian parents want their children to have the best of both worlds. They want them to have a solid foundation in religious and cultural studies, but they also want them to prepare for success in a global economy. That’s why many parents choose to send their kids to international schools.

Cultural Exposure

One of the primary reasons parents in Riyadh send their children to international schools is cultural exposure. At these schools, students can learn about and interact with people from all over the world. It can be beneficial in terms of preparing them for a globalized workforce. Additionally, it can help them develop a more well-rounded perspective.

A Great Variety of Experiences

International schools offer students a greater variety of experiences, both in and out of the classroom. From cultural immersion to global connections, students at international schools have opportunities to learn about and experience different cultures first-hand. That is something parents value when choosing a school for their children.

Solid Opportunities for Global Advancement

In an increasingly connected world, students need opportunities to interact with people from different cultures. International schools provide a more globalized education, which can better prepare students for jobs that require international experience. Additionally, many international schools offer language immersion programs, which can help students become more proficient in a second language.

An Excellent Chance at Attending a Top University

Many international schools offer education on par with what students receive at a top university. In addition, these schools often have relationships with universities worldwide. Giving students a better chance of being accepted into their first-choice school. For parents in Riyadh, sending their child to an international school is often seen as giving them a leg up in the college admissions process.


When choosing the right school environment for your child, you want to ensure they learn in the best way possible. In Saudi Arabia, that might mean sending them to an international school. If you’re on the fence about making that decision, knowing the benefits of why parents choose international schools over traditional public and private schools in Riyadh will make up your mind.

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