Yo WhatsApp Mod Apk

If you’ve ever wondered how to change the default lock screen or hide the chats divider, then you’re in luck. Yo WhatsApp allows you to change these settings, and many more. It’s also possible to use Animated emojis and change the size of text on your home screen. You can also set your display picture and name.

Animated emojis

Animated emojis are a fun way to express your emotions and make conversations more fun. These fun characters can also be sent as stickers to decorate messages. You can choose from a variety of emojis depending on your mood and the occasion.

Installing WhatsApp is the best platformt thats provide the best whatsApp apk mods. YoWhatsApp offers a variety of emojis and emoticons for chatting and sharing. You can also import emojis from other platforms into the app. A recent update added new animated emojis to the app. It also allows users to send full-size photos and over 700 images at once.

YoWhatsApp is a modded version of the official WhatsApp application that contains a wide range of new features. The latest version (2022) has a number of new features, including Animated Emojis, a redesigned home screen, customizable themes, frozen Last Seen, and more stickers. In addition, users will find it easier to send messages and view hidden messages.

Default lock feature

Default lock feature in Yo whatsApp mod apk allows users to lock all of the messages that they send and receive. This feature is useful for keeping your conversations private, as you cannot see the contents of any message without unlocking it. YoWhatsApp allows you to use PIN, fingerprint or pattern locks to lock the messages that you send and receive.

You can also change the default lock in Yo WhatsApp. You can also set the time when the app locks. This feature will be helpful for when you are on the go. You can also change your chat theme. In YoWhatsApp, you can hide the blue tick, as well as the second tick. You can also change your profile picture and set a display image. After you have installed the app, you can customize the various features and options of your WhatsApp account.

If you want to enable the Default lock feature, you should first make sure that your device supports the Android v4.4.2 Jellybean. If you do not have this version, you can go back to the last version of the app and check for updates. If you are on an Android phone, you can install YoWhatsApp from your phone. This is an open source application that is free to download and is compatible with Android devices only. The developers are currently working on other operating systems.

Change the text size of the home screen

The YoWhatsApp Mod Apk offers more features than just changing the size of text on your home screen. It also allows you to change the icons that show up on the launcher, and it is compatible with Android 5.0 and above. The app also allows you to change the tone of your voice or change the topic of a conversation. You can also change the launcher symbol, and save your status in a custom way.

The YoWhatsApp mod provides numerous benefits, including letting you know if your favorite contacts are online without having to open chats. It also allows you to change the colors of text, icons, and boarders. In addition, the mod allows you to set your own name at the top of the home screen, and hide the chat dividers.

If you want to hide the message counter badge from the home screen or launcher, Yo WhatsApp will give you the option to disable it. Sometimes, this badge can be annoying, so you can disable it. Besides, you can also disable audio playing notifications on the status bar. Finally, the app lets you change the size of the text on your home screen, and make it larger or smaller depending on your preference.

Hide chats divider

Yo whatsApp Mod Apk is a popular modification that allows you to hide chat dividers and customize the look and feel of your conversations. It also allows you to change the background of your chat, change font size, and add different emoticons. You can even send up to 700 pictures in a single message! This mod was created by Yousef Al-Basha.

YoWhatsApp also allows you to hide your blue ticks after you reply to a message. This feature is very useful if you’re always on the go and don’t want to lose contact information. You can also opt to hide your contacts’ profile pictures. In addition, YoWhatsApp has all the features of the official app. In addition, it also allows you to change your app screen wallpaper.

Yo WhatsApp Mod Apk allows you to change the text size and color. The text is also more compact and neat. You can also hide the profile pictures and names of your contacts. The app is very easy to install on your phone and will start downloading automatically. You can use Yo WhatsApp on your computer if you have a stable Internet connection.

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